Anyone in Atlanta watching?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by traveler, May 31, 2005.

  1. traveler

    traveler Guest

    I just read the last two articles about UPS on Brown Cafe. Both published by Hoovers. Each one has a <u>FedEx</u> Advertisement!

    Who is minding the store?
  2. sendagain

    sendagain Guest

    I saw that too. Some of these guys need a swift kick in the butt.
  3. worldwide

    worldwide Guest

    And how, exactly, does UPS control which company Hoovers accepts ads from? You may think UPS controls the world, but they can not dictate what company a firm accepts advertising from. The articles you read are linked from the Brown Cafe, not written by them.
  4. traveler

    traveler Guest

    My point is that UPS could easily advertise with Hoovers AND possibly work a deal that UPS ads would appear with articles about UPS. I, and I believe most of us, realize that Brown Cafe only links the stories and that there is no connection to the ads accepted by Hoovers.
  5. sendagain

    sendagain Guest

    Of all the adds that Hoover's is able to use, I find it odd that two of those happened to be from our competitor, linked to a story about UPS. Can this be a coincidence?
  6. teddyr

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    Hoovers will accept money from anyone who wants to pay for ad space on their articles. FedEx knows to advertise on any article which pertains to shipping. Yes UPS could buy ad space but it would be a waste of money because I think UPSers are the only ones who read them anyway.
  7. moreluck

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