anyone see the DIAD V yet?

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  1. air_upser

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    Just wondering if anyone out there particpated in focus groups or was asked their input into the design....hopefully everyone's favorite key is gone. If I'm way behind the times I apologize in advance...I just noticed technical discussions going on recently.
  2. atatbl

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    They still have not decided on what physical frame to use yet. They are all very unique. Every driver here had about 20 things they liked, and 20 things they hated about each one. They brought five versions here for test runs, they said there were even more versions being tested around the nation.
  3. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    I haven't seen this one, nor heard of it, but I love Bruce Willis movies.
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    The field of candidates for DIAD 5 is narrowing down. Most of the devices you may have seen in the previous test were not submitted by their manufacturer for final consideration as the DIAD 5 device. The goal of the previous test wasn't to identify the DIAD 5 terminal, but rather the "20 things you liked and 20 things you disliked" about each one. Now the hope is that the knowledge gained from that testing can be used to help choose the next generation DIAD.

    One thing that is exceedingly obvious is that no one likes that one special key :smart:
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    Didn't see that coming. Laughed pretty hard when I got to the last three words.
  6. rod

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    I heard DIAD VI was a clipboard with delivery records, carbon paper and a black pen. That will be great as I'm just about out of UPS pens at home.
  7. atatbl

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    Thank you. One of the guys that was on the team talked to me about it. He made it seem like it would be a decade long process just to pick one and put it in play.

    However, one of my on-road sups just went to class for something regarding the DIAD 5. And he was one of a select few that would be some sort of guinea pigs for putting it into place. Since he won't be out delivering with it, I am not sure what his role from taking that class will be. Any knowledge of this?
  8. happyboy

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    It would be nice if it had an internet connection and a web cam so you could see and talk to your family during you 20 minute lunch hour, you know all the forced overtime we work cuts in to the family time.
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    Yeah, because that will be the first thing UPS uses videoconferencing with drivers for... their families. :happy-very:
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    The Center Manager could fire us online would save them time!
  11. barnyard

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    I spent a day with one of the 'narrow it down for features' devices. I also spent close to an hour writing my comments and talking to the team that was at our center. I thought my comments were thorough and sincere and it seemed that the design team took my comments seriously. Plus, they had good thoughts about the design also.

    I have confidence that the diad V team is listening.

  12. DiadDude

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    Thanks for taking the time to give some well thought out feedback. One of the problems that the folks running that test had was actually geting people to put their thougths on paper. I'd think that if I had to bsaically be married to this device for the foreseeable future, and someone asked me to give them some comments, I'd want to be sure my voice was heard. Many chose to verbalize their thoughts, but refused to put them on paper. Written comments work much better than verbal because you actually have hard evidence to backup your conclusions from the test, not simply your recallection of what a couple hundred people kinda said.
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    BWHAHAHHAHA priceless.

    "Leave your vehicle where it is. We have a temp coming out to finish your route. All your air is off, right? Find your own ride home."
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    The center manager can watch you dr packages and tell you if you left it in a good spot lol.

    this is a funny vid whiteboard bloopers

    UPS - Whiteboard Outtakes and Bloopers
  15. Cementups

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    In todays day in age I would think we would have something more simple and high -tech. I would like to see something bluetooth like in the HUB. Something the size of a BlackBerry that would clip to our belt with a bluetooth ring scanner tethered to it. And if a signature was required then you could pull the "BlackBerry" out and have them sign the screen. And if it was a real "communication device", then maybe we could use is as a phone to contact other service providers or members of our management team thru either text or talk. Only numbers programmed by your management team would be able to be used. And to satisfy said management messages between drivers would be duplicated to the center so they knew we weren't using it for personal use.

    just some thoughts.
  16. upsgrunt

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    I've found that if you take the new style stylus and pry out the tip, and then replace it with a tip from the old, double ended stylus it works so much better. The old style is harder and makes a much better signature, especially with the "screen saver" sticker that seems to be on most of our diads.

    If you try this you will need to shave down the shaft of the old stylus tip before it will fit into the new style stylus barrel. You will also need a little glue to hold it in place.
  17. DS

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    all well thought out ideas
  18. rod

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    A 16 penny galvanized finnishing nail works good ----------just kidding for all those that take everything so serious:peaceful:
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    That's funny right there. I don't care who you are.

  20. barnyard

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    If you have access to the comments, mine are probably VERY easy to find.

    They start with: If I were a decision maker, I would not spend any more money for development of this device......