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Hello everyone, hope all is well around here!
I am looking for a answer on an issue that a family member is having. I myself do not work at UPS but my family member is not very tech savy and can't seem to get the answers he needs from anyone he calls. (This might just be him asking the wrong questions though LOL!)

*Little back story*
So roughly 5 months he was sustained a back injury and like many others, he had a weight restriction placed on him. No more working at UPS for him after doing it for most of his life, luckily he was only about 40 hours off of retirement. Unused vacation has helped lower this to only about 19 hours left.

The question-
He seem to not be able to find out if sick pay count towards retirement hours? He has 48 hours of earned sick pay (I guess this is earned the previous year from my understanding?). These cashed out hours should make him eligible for his retirement correct?

Thank you for any input in advanced! Also apologies if this happens to be in the wrong section.


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You did not identify his Local or Teamster Conference area. That being said, he should contact the Teamsters that cover his retirement plan. As an example in the Western States its called the "Western Conference of Teamster Pension Plan", not knowing if he is in Central States , Western or what ever region??? You need to locate the pension Trust that runs that plan he is under. Generally speaking, his local Union hall should be able to give him that number to the Conference that runs his Teamsters Pension Plan. But they almost always are clueless to how it works it seems.

Sorry to hear he is all busted up.

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Are you saying he blew his back out with one week (40 hours) to go until he qualified for retirement? If so, that's really depressing. Sorry to hear that...

That being said, I don't think "cashing in" sick days count as time worked. I believe they only count as time worked when used during a normal stretch of work.

I know I'd tell my doctor to release me to full duty, no restrictions, grin and bear it, and get through that last week, using some of those sick days for sure.

I had a major back injury with 10 years to go, missed a lot of time, but told doctor that whatever you do, I go back to work with no restrictions. I was collecting my retirement come hell or high water! She did, I babied my back through 11 more years and retired in April.

I gotta think it can be faked for 19 hours. I also find it hard to believe the union would hold back retirement for 19 hours of contributions. Is this not an on job injury? Because the company still makes pension contributions while of on workers compensation.

I'd be contacting the local union hall for sure, or the Conference that handles his pension.


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Was the injury at work? If yes he would still get contributions if he was on comp. or if it was at work UPS would give him temporary work assignment so they can avoid lost time. If it was out of work injury UPS should continue contributing for first 30 days. A few things you might want to look into.