Anything I can do about this?

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  1. So I've been a part time package handler for about 6 years on the same belt and I was third in the pickoff order. My belt has a top and bottom pickoff and the guy with the most seniority just went seasonal driving. I was looking forward to picking off as I have done many times before and I do a fine job at it. All of the sudden the night sort pickoff moves to day sort and he has a few months less seniority than me but they're letting him pickoff over me since he's been doing it all along on night sort. Am I screwed or is there anything I can do?

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    Depends how your building handles those positions. My building follows seniority on preferred positions. Talk to your steward.
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    Same thing happened to me, luckily I went full time before I had a chance to complain. Talk to your steward or even better, business agent. If this is important to you, take the time to gather information before you act.
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    File a grievance, as this is a preferred job and is supposed to be awarded by seniority in our local (100).
    Then, in about a year, after the situation has changed 10 times over, the grievance will be heard and the company will agree to abide by seniority.
    Good luck.
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    Why don't you take his spot on the night sort?
  6. Now why in the blue would I switch sorts completely just to pickoff? They moved him to a different belt anyway this week so I got my spot.
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    Does your building give you a dollar raise for skilled positions or does everyone get the dollar to start. If everyone gets the dollar your sol.
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    i concur