AOC backs Sanders, Democrats have a stroke



Words fail me. It's amazing to me how the modern Democratic Party eats its own so quickly. Guests on "The Contenders" on MSNBC saying that if you don't vote for Warren you're a sexist. Calling Sanders an "old white guy" to his face.
Meanwhile the progressive media railroads the only Democratic candidate who makes sense and doesn't try to divide the country with identity politics.

I'm a registered Independent and have a lot of problems with Trump but man, the modern Democratic Party makes it really easy to go the other way.


Sooner or later, you'll have to take a stand.
AOC is the best thing to happen to the Republican party since Hillary.

Not sure why she endorsed. No one is going to vote for an ancient geezer who had a heart attack. Doesn't convey a good message.


Proud Deplorable
Yes, Republicans are the paragon of normalcy. Their current platform is the President is above the law, the state should mandate childbirth and we should spend as much as possible without any funding mechanisms. Totally normal.