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    I recently had an interview for a package handler position in CT. The interview went well and I feel that I'm extremely qualified for the job. I let the HR representative know that may be interested in becoming a UPS driver someday. I also told him I may join the Navy Reserve, but he assured me that it wouldn't affect them hiring me and they treat members of the military well with job security bla bla bla. If they don't hire me it would have to be because there's a chance of my absence for a short time. I would understand that. Here's my point though.....I had my interview 2 weeks ago and was told I would hear back feedback within a week. My online job status says active. The human resource does not have a phone number listed. I sent UPS Facebook a message asking how can I get an update on my job status and they told me they contacted my local hub for me. They said I would receive a call by 5:30 by HR, but they never called. I understand I'm being pushy, but I was told I would get feedback at the latest a week ago. I have now turned down a full time job making $15 waiting to here back from UPS. I want to get my foot in the door. Would it be a good idea to show up at my HR building and simply ask my my job status? Or do you think that will make me look bad and pushy so they don't hire me. Sorry to vent and waist your time, but I need an honest opinion. I've been looking into UPS for several months now and have read plenty of these Blogs. I can go without the bitchy insulting posts. Thank You!
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    It wouldn't hurt to go back to the HR office to check on your status. The fact that you want to join the Naval Reserve will have no bearing on whether you get the job----if you are hired and do indeed join the reserve UPS is required by law to accomodate your schedule. Good luck.
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    Why would you turn down $15.00 an hour full time job to work $8.50 an hour for three hours a few days a week? Because it may lead into a full time job? When pigs fly. Go regular Navy and see the world.
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    "If they don't hire me it would have to be because there's a chance of my absence for a short time."
    1. That is illegal

    And as to your original question of being "Pushy" when you are seeking additional information, that only shows extreme interest in the position and that you truly want it. I do not think it would hurt your chances to go find out the status of your application and may actually coax HR to make a decision.
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    Reapply for the $15/hr job and then me and you can pull a Trading Places and I'll let you grab my PT package handler employment while I go make bank surrounded by family in New England.

    Getting hired as package handler is a lot like roulette. They take pretty much any number, any color that pops up but you gotta have it land on your bet before you get that call back. Truthfully (and if it were paper), the stack of applications for part-time package handlers are likely huge at every center, every hub across the nation.

    Shoot, go USMC. That way you still get to see the world, but you get a chance to kill everything after you take in the view (and sometimes even while you're still admiring the sights!).
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    Like Seattle, Washington.

    I love and respect the military and all, but they do just about the dumbest :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: to their flock as UPS does. A lot of idiots running the show in the military as in real life. You can sign up to go to Japan, Europe etc etc, then end up in he ass crack of America with little or nothing to do or see. Lets spin that wheel shall we!
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    Anyone that enlists based on a (probably verbal) promise of specific deployment is a fool, to say the least.
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    I would go full time Navy, but I need to find a promising civilian career path. I think I'm having a "young adult crisis". Hahah. I'm 22 years old and a college dropout. I'm really interested in becoming a UPS driver. A 9 to 5 office job is not for me. I'm friendly, love to drive, exercise, love meeting people, but like the freedom of working alone. Its just so hard to get started. They only offer part time jobs at crazy hours that pay nothing. And I still don't know if they will :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing hire me. I ended up going to UPS on Monday and nobody from HR was there. The lady gave me their secret phone number, but told me they will only be working on Wednesday and Friday and she doesn't know there hours. I've been calling all day sense 8:00 am and there phone has been off the hook giving the beep beep sound. They literally are impossible to get a hold of. Its a huge hub too right next to CT's major airport.