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    On my way back up north from 2 weeks in Texas I passed a Hy-vee semi yesterday and covering the back of it was a full size picture of the guy that was driving the rig congradulating him on behalf of the Hy-vee organization for attaining 1,000,000 accident free miles. As I got up along side of the tractor I noticed that it had the drivers name along with the message 1,000,000 mile safe driver painted in big bold letters on the door. The driver had a big smile on his face when I gave him a friendly wave. I commented to my wife that it was really refreshing that a company would go out of their way to recognize an outstanding employee. And then on the other side of the coin are companies that out of the blue just up and abandon all safe driving awards and insentivies. :sad-little:
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    in our ctr the mgr got in an accident and everything was ok.:proud:
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    True appreciation from UPS will never happen.
    After 21 yrs of never missing a day, I called in sick. I was sick. The first words out of my sups mouth was "Are you sure you can't make it in?"
    I got cut on the sharp edge of the bulk head door and went to the hospital and got stitches, the center said they had no one to help me, so I finished my day.
    ( I could have gone home, but that work plus more would be waiting for me the next day.)
    So, any public display or crappy trinket that UPS supplies trying to show recognition of service or safety means Jack to me.
    Sad for me to say, but they have made it just a paycheck job for me.
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    We recently had a on-car sup have an accident and not report it. he is no longer employed at UPS.
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    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but hubby just got the Last Of The Mohicans. A Safe Driving Choice of Gifts for 26 Years with No Accidents.
    Which he most likely won't get anyway, due to the cutbacks.

    In the past, we had a catalogue to choose from. This time: earrings, a CD player, a miniature tool kit, a butt pack, a clock radio or a watch.
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    A loooooong time ago, My shop [-]stuart[/-] steward was presented a plaque for 30 years of service (all in package). The plaque was designed to go on the door of his package car.
    The management team wouldn't allow it to be installed however, and suggested he tape it inside the car somewhere....
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    I remember a looooong time ago, each regular driver had a name plaque on the outside of their vehicle. Drivers who achieved a milestone had a gold name plaque. I remember that meaning something.

    I think that each driver who has a milestone safety achievement should have a spot designated on their vehicle that recognizes that achievement!

    Rod - Thanks for bringing this to our attention! You guys need to start a grass roots campaign. I think a special uniform part such as a hat or jacket or a special UPS emblem that stands out should also be part of the recognition.

    This is all part of the delicate balance of cut backs. Maybe right now is not the time but you can't let recognition slip away.

    The Vision of the Founding Fathers cannot be compromised!
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    I'm surprised to hear we don't recognize our drivers for reaching long term safe driving milestones. Its definitely something we should do.

    Lets start the idea here and see if can get a consensus.

    We'll call it the circle of honor. maybe we can add name tags to the tractor. na no good the tractor could be in the shop at times denying our driver the proper recognition. I know we'll give them special patchs they can wear on their uniforms.:happy-very:
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    i think its sad that this sort of thing happens, not what Jim Casey would have done!!:surprised:

    The Vision of the Founding Fathers cannot be compromised!
    Its ashame that it is being compromised!!!:sad-little:
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    We still have those plates for our PC's. The upper plate has your name and the lower plates has years of safe driving. They snap on and off.

    I am proud of my name being on my PC.
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    You have UPSGRUNT on your PC?
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    A coworker got a Circle of Honor patch last year. It was new.. other drivers had not gotten one before. Are these gone also?
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    They wouldn't let me- I had to stick with "Steve":happy2:
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    AHHHHHHH That is too bad. I am sure glad they are at least finally treating the managers equally.
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    That wouldn't work in our building, in a 5 day period, you could drive 5 different PCs. That is the routine not the exception.