Are Saturday Air Drivers covered under Article 40

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    Been a Saturday Air driver for slightly over a year, still at $12.50 per hour. Does the progression scale under Article 40 apply to Saturday Air Drivers. It reads as follows:

    a. Part-time air drivers including exception air drivers will be paid as follows:
    Start $11.50
    Seniority $12.50
    Seniority Date plus 12 months $13.00
    Seniority Date plus 18 months $13.50
    Seniority Date plus 24 months Top Rate
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    I can't give you a yes or no answer, but it's been going in that progression for me so far!
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    If you are not in progression you will not see a raise until August 1st. the progression scale does apply but not if you are not a "scheduled air driver" as the contract says. I would imagine you are a Sat cover and not "regularly scheduled." I am not saying you ARE NOT scheduled as a perm saturday air driver, but in UPSs eyes you *possibly* are not, given you did not get a 1 year progression raise apparently. Definitly want to talk to your center manager and ask him/her for the low-down. If you don't get a solid answer then bring it up with your steward or union rep.

    ----(1) To perform Saturday or Sunday air work the Employer and the Union
    recognize the need for air drivers other than those regularly scheduled.
    Qualified part-time employees who are interested in performing this work
    will so notify the Employer, be certified and be placed in seniority order on a
    posted qualified air driver list. Such work will be first offered in seniority
    order to employees on the qualified list who have not worked more than
    thirty-seven (37) hours in the current week. This work shall then be offered
    in seniority order to qualified part-time employees regardless of hours
    worked. If the scheduling needs still cannot be met, and additional employees
    are needed, the Employer may force qualified part-time employees in reverse
    seniority order.

    (2) These employees shall be paid at the air driver�s straight-time rate of pay
    in accordance with Section 6 below. Time and one- half (1-1/2) will be paid
    after eight (8) hours per day or after forty (40) hours per week.
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    I went full time for about three weeks. I ended up having to come back to preload due to injury but was able to work every Saturday until I was given the position as an EAM air driver.

    I got my first raise, from 12.50 to 13.00 on what would have been my full time driver seniority date, and progressed as in the contract from there. But, my air driving seniority date, as compared to other air drivers, was the date I was hired for EAM's (I topped out before two other air drivers but still had less seniority than them).

    The point of all this gibberish is, whether I progressed right or not, UPS doesn't have a clue what's going on unless you tell them.
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    1 year plus the 30 day qual which is about 13.5-14months. thats how it works here!
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    I'm an air driver, but I work out of an air-only building so I don't think I would be any help to you.

    I did have a semi-related question though. I am going to hit top rate in the middle of August and have heard conflicting things on my pay in dollar amount when I hit top rate. Someone said that the general wage increases only accumulate for you once you hit top rate, so I would start at $20.62 ( the PT top rate at the end of the last contract). I thought that the general wage increases pushed the top rate up every time they are applied so that when I hit top rate I will be at the 20.62 + August 08, Feb 09 and August 09 increases. Anyone know how the wage increases effect top rate?

    Sorry if that was rambling and confusing!