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    Let me sidestep my normal role as the BC Management hardhead and ask for a little help from my management co-workers. Those who post here and those who lurk in the background.

    When you have someone involved in an accident please show some concern for that person or persons first before you worry about who screwed up or any service issues.

    I had a couple of drivers involved in an accident.

    My boss is standing nearby when my sup gets the first call. He gives my boss the details. My boss responds by showing anger at the accident and concern for servicing the loads and never asks the questions are the drivers ok. Meanwhile some of my other drivers nearby overhear the conversation.

    As management in this company I hope we have not become so desensitized to the welfare of our people that we have forgotten how to show some concern for their well being. The equipment can be repaired or replaced and the packages can usually be serviced somehow since we are very good at what we do.

    Show some concern for the welfare of your people before you worry about the consequences and what you may have to do to service the packages.

    You see the posts here as to why we often have a hard time getting our people to buy into our safety efforts. I'm sure our lack of compassion is a big reason. they see it and therefore don't believe we are sincere.

    In my career I have often felt I had to clean up the mess left by these types of attitudes or even apologize for someone elses insensitivity. It gets old . It really gets old.

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    Good post, Tie.

    I am grateful to work on a center where this doesnt seem to be the mentality. Whenever there are accidents or injuries, our center manager is always concerned with the well-being of the driver. When we get paged thru the DIAD that we need to go help a driver injured or involved in an accident, the status of the driver is always mentioned before the details of making service on the pkgs. This is good for morale.
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    There has to be a tipping point someday where ups figures out that it is beneficial...(Read:SAVE MONEY) by having better relations with their employees And the super crazy, off the hook, response from those employees who are FINALLY seeing that management might really give a rats ass about them would probably be a more enjoyable workplace, less grieves, less turnover, less accidents, injuries, this list could go on and on. I really wonder if I will see this in my lifetime?????
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    Thanks for the post Tie. Seriously , Thank you.
    This is something that we all should remember in many aspects of our lives as well. How many times have you heard a Dad or Mom get the news of a finder binder caused by their teenage driver and the parent goes off the deep end about the cost of the accident, insurance, the inconvenience and never ask how the kid is doing? I've heard it several times, I've even heard it when the spouse is involved. The bottom line is that cars, trucks and packages are just things that can be replaced and or repaired, but human health and well being not always.
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    This thread is really unnecessary if people had some compassion and were'nt so bogged down and even overwhelmed with a numbers game and commitments as to forget there is a person driving the vehicle.

    Obviously, most drivers are very loyal and hard working and make UPS the number one choice for shipping parcels.

    Yes, the inside guys behind the scenes make it happen, but it's the people servicing customers who give UPS the edge.
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    We had picket signs in 97 that said "Packages before People". My daughter got in a roll over a few years back. When I went to the hospital I hugged her and made sure she was OK. When she got home I raged.
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    Many year ago my battery blew up and caught my package car on fire. As my cars burning in the middle of an intersection, and the fire dept is arriving, I called in and center manager answered the phone. First words out of his mouth were, "Damn, that's not even our car" (it was a loaner from another center).

    Remember that battery is right in the cab with us.

    His next comment was, "Guess you're on lunch now".

    That was long ago. I was recently involved in an incident on road, and had to call it in. The first words out of the sups mouth were, "Are you injured? Is anyone injured?".

    That impressed me.
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    Excellent post!!.......People are always first, our employee's and the general public should always come first, equipment and packages can always be replaced but not a human being....I saw some real horror this week........No one died but thank God, it was close. I have been invoved in one fatality in my career......that was one to many!
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    Thanks for having compassion.

    I had a conversation with my boss a few days ago about a similar situation. I do believe my boss cares whether or not I get injured or have an accident. BUT! I do believe the first reaction will be “damn I’m going to get reamed on the conference call”. Atlanta has created that atmosphere.

    I’m telling ya folks, poor employee relations are going to bury this company. Our competitors will quietly stand by and wait.
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    Thanks for your honesty. I was on road delivering, and received a text message to meet another driver, and give him the rest of the stops. I had to proceed to a fellow driver who was involved in a weather related accident in the country. I met both the driver and the supervisor at a little minimart and took part of the load. Of course, the driver was running on adrenaline, and was cold and hungry. I asked how he was-putting my hand on his shoulder. He had tears in his eyes, but he said he was ok. The supervisor told me that the accident had cost 3 hours of time waiting on a tow truck. (This supervisor is tough, and old school) He told me to get moving, because he and the driver who had the accident were going to take their lunch, and regroup to finish the day safely. I was impressed, and shared the story to some fellow drivers. When you talk the talk AND walk the walk, it has a great impact of others around you. I am sure there is a Jim Casey story in there somewhere.
  12. Bloodybrown

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    Hear, hear, I will drink to that !!
  13. dannyboy

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    talk the talk, walk the walk, but put our people first an foremost. to many are focused on how that accident impacts their own little world, but forget that impact of those actually involved

    i broke my foot many years ago before lunch. called in and the sup asked how i knew it was broken. long and short of it is that i worked 9 more hours on it, and because of the additional damage, ended up having surgery on it later on.

    sup never did offer any type of excuse or apology for the behavior

    good post tie!
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    Tie im in tears right now! You have been deprogramed, i like the new tie guy! Have to go get some tissue to wipe my cheeks.
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    The question is though - Did you speak up and mention that to your manager?

    I hurt my shoulder a little bit back. Pulled a muscle, no tear or anything etc.
    All I remember from it was being treated like an absolute piece of crap. I was a second rate citizen the moment I called in and asked for someone to drive the truck for me while I FINISHED mt shift.

    I was and still am pretty much a scratch driver.

    I'm glad you saw it first hand and thought about it. We honestly deal with that every day now. It's only about the numbers.

    I do hope you will be different in the future from this.

    Thanks for the post.
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    My divison manager has been on vacation since the story was revealed to me by one of the drivers. I will review it with him when he returns and let him know how that makes him look.
  17. tieguy

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    wow I never knew you were so sensitive. wanna watch the lifetime channel with me?:happy-very:
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    Ok, Ive been on vacation, sorta.
    I want to know what you did with Tieguy, and where can I find his body?
  19. But Benefits Are Great!

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    It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the 5 & 10.

    It also does not take a brain surgeon to realize why they are in place at UPS, and it has little to nothing to do with driver or public safety.

    It is made clear daily, and anyone who has had, seen, or heard of an accident can attest to this fact - they are in place for UPS management to to be able to point to in case of an accident. The reason the managers don't ask "are you ok?" is because they are to busy trying to find which rule you broke getting into one.

    This is business - I understand, even accept this as the case. Liability must be huge at UPS. But don't lie to me and say you give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about my safety, public safety.
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    It sounds like you got some major issues to deal with. I have been involved in one fatality at UPS and that was one to many!!.....I have also known some folks that died in accidents and you assume people are not human???.........You must be so self centered and probably could care less if one of your co-workers were sreiously injured or killed, but don't make a statement blanketing all management, don't care about ther employees and thier well being !!!