Article 17 a big deal now

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  1. We recently got a new steward (love this guy) management had to make an announcement that any people working off the clock will be receiving disciplinary action.

    What all can be considered working off the clock and an article 17 grievance? I want to make sure these people are "compensated" for doing the company a favor by working off the clock.
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    You mean to tell me the company is telling employees not to work off the clock not the union?!?!?

    You work for a multibillion dollar company why work for free? As far as what's considered working off the clock if you're inside anything from setting the belts up to feeder drivers walking to the trucks before your start time. If you get hit in the yard and aren't clocked in how difficult will it be to get covered or slip climbing into the truck?
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    this is what gets people in trouble. i did not think it was such a big deal putting my stuff in the tractor a couple minutes early. what did it take , a minute?

    well, the BA just happened to be on property that night and he saw me doing it . he patiently explained what would happen if i hurt myself off the clock. it could be a mess and worse case scenario i could be terminated. that was just one of many problems working off the clock.

    99.9% of the time nothing happens but that one time.......
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    Good for your BA stating so.
    His actions leading to you protecting yourself is what a BA should be doing.
    Considering the working environment changes management has been bringing lately, everyone should do the right thing moving forward.
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    Yes and no. I applaud your BA for not allowing anybody to be working without being compensated (ie. working off the clock.)

    But, you are covered under workers comp while on company property reporting for work, whether you are on the clock or not.

    You are entitled to put your lunch pail, or other personal items in your package car or tractor off the clock. If you get hurt stepping in or out, you are covered under workers comp.

    The issue comes into play if you are working off the clock and get hurt. In the back of the package car moving packages, hooking up or pre-tripping a tractor.

    I tell everyone to not even enter the back of the package car before your start time. Put your personal items in the cab and leave. Then there is no question as to whether you may be working off the clock. Sometimes, even just looking through your load, whether you touch a package or not, may be construed as working.

    The contract states that the employer shall not allow employees to work without being compensated. You risk progressive disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, for working off the clock.
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    The last Union Steward that tried to give his constituents some constructive advice about Article 17 here, found himself pinned up against the wall on the way to his vehicle in the far parking lot, or so I was told.....
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    thank you for clarifying. excellent explanation.
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  9. Learned more about it today, I can just walk the belt at the start looking to see who is in their car handling packages and then stand by the air manifest turn in area see who turns it in before start time.
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    Was it as good for him as it was for you...did you kiss the back of his neck... Lol
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    In most "real " Union shops, the opposite occurs for the employees who cheat and work for free.
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  12. Mugarolla

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    By who? Management.

    Because they lost all that free work and now their numbers have tanked and they are getting reamed during the morning conference bitch session.
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  13. Best flavor of the month ever. :P
    Got to get sleep gunna wake up early and file file file file file. I'm just helping management enforce the flavor of the month. :-)
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    I don't work off the clock but if someone did start filing Art 17 I would not be surprised if what Dragon said happened. We have a few people that line up their trucks in the morning so they get off early. They would threaten and harass anyone that filed.
  15. Coldworld

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  16. 542thruNthru

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    Pretty much. They throw out the " I have a family" line. Non of them make bonus or anything either. Just wanna be in by 6 or 630.
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  17. barnyard

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    Drivers don't go through their loads, now they look at Orion on one of the terminals set up by the time clock.
  18. Coldworld

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    "I don't always work off the clock, but if I do I always get em' back in the nuts...somehow or for something. Stay thirsty my friends....
  19. Coldworld

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    How much was wasted on all of the screens at every center.... And we can't even get a decent set of summer Browns or a goretex rain parka
  20. They already want to fire me, I'm going out filing...