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    What does this mean?
    ....The sole exception is when an employee is awarded a package car or feeder driver job and has not previously held a full-time job which includes driving duties. In such evet, the employee will have a break-in rate equal to the employees current wage rate until six (6) months from the date the employee entered the job.
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    Why do you want to know??
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    @ barnyard do u know the answer....y u ask y?
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    What don't you understand about it?

    Are you not sure if it applies to you?

    Do you want someone to make up a scenario to illustrate the application of this language?
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    Yes scenario please....thank you.
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    Wouldn't it be easier just to ask a question that you want answered instead of wanting people to make up scenarios?
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    A guy walks into a convenience store and sees a sign advertising "Jobs at UPS", and thinks to himself hmm I think I would like to work there.
    So this enterprising young man goes to and completes an application and gets a job at UPS. After many years of hard and dedicated works our intrepid hero has enough seniority to achieve the goal of a full-time job driving with United Parcel Service.
    Soon after completing the full time pay progression he becomes disillusioned with the demands placed upon him by his taskmaster bosses, and switches jobs to a inside full time job. When he does this he would enter at top rate of pay because he had already completed top pay progression and the contract states if you have completed progression once then you do not have to go through progression again if you have driving experience
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    OK, Tonya Teemstah worked as a part time package handler for 9 years. Then a full time job (let's say it's a 22.3 job-preload/customer counter) came up for bid; she was highest in seniority to sign the list, and is awarded the job. She works that job for the required progression period (currently 4 years), and is now at the top pay rate for her job class (22.3,inside/inside).

    What this language means is if she now bids into another full time job (for example, full time porter), she will immediately go to the top rate for that job; UNLESS that job is full time package car or feeder driver. If she is bidding into full time package car or feeder, she will stay at her previous pay rate for the next 6 months, and will then be bumped up to top package car/feeder pay rate.
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    Ohhhhh, thank you!
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    I was waiting for a distasteful punchline after both of these.
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    What did the thirsty elephant say after the dance? I forgot the punchline