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    Where in the contract does it say combo jobs can't work over 8 hours..I looked at my bid and it does not say no overtime...which is fine ...except we have new people that have only been there a couple of days working overtime and they are sending me home in 8 when I still have work...just wondered if anyone knew ..thanks

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    I'm combo, and we are working over 8 hours. UPS plays these game when it benefit them. If junoir employess are doing the same work that you do (getting overtime) at the time you are assigned to do it, you could file on that. Check with your union stewart. My understanding is that they cant make you stay past 8 hours even if there is more work to do. We had on sup tell us that he got slammed because one of us were "one click" over 8, lol. More UPS mind games.
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    To top it off, I believe the national master agreement states that any driver who is finished and returns to his center before 8 hours is up, and is dispatched with additional work is supposed to get overtime from that moment on. I figured I'd throw that in the mix because I recently read that in the book.

    c79j, in response to your post: Management seems to do that a lot. At least at my center, they will give the new hires as much overtime as possible if it means paying one guy $12.75/hr instead of paying another guy $15.00/hr. As an example, my center is now using a new hire to clean up the smalls container bags, so they could avoid paying what our senior part-timers make. Micro-management at its finest. If they can save 50 cents they will.

    Question: How do you go about bidding on a 22.3 job? I'm thinking about it for when I make my one year of seniority.
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    Let me understand this, are you saying that your union bid sheet says that your combo/full time position has a no overtime provision in it's job description. What local are you at?

    If this is true, you might as well throw out your contract book and consider your union dues as a donation for a worthy cause.

    nuff said.:w00t:
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    they do this same hour limiting with driver 4 hours sort, 3.99 on road...even if the driver needs more help they'll boot you off and let a seasonal driver helper(with no senority) be picked up......what a :censored2: crock...
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    DOT - As in the 2003 regulations, the new rule prohibits drivers from driving more than eleven hours in a row, working longer than 14 hours in a shift and driving more than 60 hours over a seven day period or 70 hours over an eight day period. In addition, the new rule requires driver to rest for at least ten hours between shifts and provides a 34-hour period to recover from cumulative fatigue.

    Now if you have a preloader jumping with you and lets say that preloader started at 2:45AM and the DOT pulls you over at 5:00PM. They ask the preloader what time they started - that is over 14 hours even though he/she is not driving is a grey area...
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    Keep track of the hours that new hire is getting... You can file a grievence and be paid those hours since the work was not offered to you...

    So UPS may see it as you said "saving .50 cents." Once you file they will be paying you for the work the other guy did. Just like you were there standing around...
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    Not a gray area at all. If employee isn't driving, there is no reason for the DOT to be concerned.
    A fatigued driver helper is not going to cause an accident.
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    As I understand it if they are in the cab it counts... Last year or the year before they were pulling preloaders before 4:00PM... Something spooked the supes...