As GM Goes, So Goes The Nation

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  1. Dfigtree

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    “As GM Goes, So Goes The Nation.” -Charles Wilson, president of General Motors, 1953.

    Maybe that was true in 1953 but no longer. Probably you would be better off saying “As UPS Goes, So Goes the Nation.”

    So how is UPS doing? Is package volume up? Down? Or, sideways?
  2. ups1990

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    Down, way down. Compared to last year, we have 12 fewer routes. Let's hope our ecenomy improves soon.
  3. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    There may be factual data out there, but you have to find it & read it, because you cannot ask anyone - If you ask someone, the answer you receive completely depends on what position that person holds at UPS.

    FAVREFAN Member

    So :censored2: true.
  5. browndude

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    i heard on the news just a day or two ago that the economy has to pick up now because Obama said it would!
  6. brownmonster

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    Is that nation wide or just your building?
  7. paidslave

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    Keep buying your foriegn cars and chinese gadgets and we will florish. There is a big misunderstanding among many many people. Now that you riled me a bit here I hope some will understand why we are where we at economically! It is not because of NAFTA or your president your money goes back in the economy when you buy american made products. To all you that bought foriegn cars do you realize how many people could have made a US made car. At least we can still assemble them here. It is fair to assume more than half of the parts are imported from JAPAN. Go to walmart and buy your close and keep ASIA working. This is not rocket science. I don't even see MADE in MEXICO anymore because it is cheaper to buy parts in other parts of the world.

    GM will go down if you keep buying from foriegn land, it is that simple!

    Pity to you and your foreign made cars! And if you own one trade it in for a GM!
  8. Cementups

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    OMG, 1953 called. They said you are welcome back anytime.
  9. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    If they had the same quality I would.
    They have no small cars that can stand up to a corolla,elantra,sentra,etc.
    Several mechanics have voiced thier opinion that the cobalt,optra,aveo are crap.Sure the malibu and impala are well made,but they are midsized and about 7 grand more than I want to spend.
    What do the folks at GM not understand?
  10. spuman

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    Back in the earlie 80's fisher body shut it's doors here in the buick city.Imagine 30,000 ups drivers losing their jobs.I knew then I wanted nothing to do with it.I can relate that our jobs suck but they're not going to Mexico or Canada.

    To answer your question the last 5 years have been BOOMING,after a while ya get brainwashed into thinking its normal.

    See disclamer below.
  11. hondo

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    I would if I could.
  12. paidslave

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    B OOM ING WHERE? I am not brainwashed yet. This is not normal. Today the 25 banking/lending institution closed its doors. Never have I seen or witnessed this kind of mess with our economy. It is surely to get worse when more foreclosures mount, peoples unemployment insurance runs out and more business close their doors because they are being out taxed to pay for all this mess. There are way too many people, not enough jobs here in the US anymore and the ones that have jobs buy imported cars! We are doomed.................... .


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Not to worry...2012 just around the corner.
  14. bscott85

    bscott85 New Member

    volume is UP at our hub, way UP

    our supervisor wants our work area(smalls) to start coming in even earlier on mondays(we already start early compared to the past) and basically guaranteed us overtime
  15. wisedragonfly

    wisedragonfly New Member

    I see district daily pickup volume numbers and the volume is low compared to last year.
  16. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    same guy that told us obama would fix everything. Now we're doomed.:peaceful: