As of this Friday, Mexico's trucks get OK to roll in U.S.


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Mexican truckers can begin hauling goods over the border into the U.S. as soon as Friday of this week.

"This is the wrong decision for American working men and women. We will now proceed to litigate this case on the merits," Teamsters General President James Hoffa said in a statement. "We believe this program clearly breaks the law. We will continue to fight for safety and national security in the courts and in Congress."

And the U.S. Government will enforce the rule that Mexican truckers must speak English in order to understand highway traffic signs and signals and directions given in English and to respond to official inquiries.

Yeah, right.

What will this do to our crime rate? Our jobs? And the exploding illegal population? And it is a known fact that Arab terrorists are residing in Mexico, changing over to Spanish names, and crossing the Mexican border into the U.S.

Let the games begin....


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Sammie said:
And it is a known fact that Arab terrorists are residing in Mexico, changing over to Spanish names, and crossing the Mexican border into the U.S.

I'm curious where you heard/read this. Got a link?


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I'm curious where you heard/read this. Got a link?

heard this on coast to coast show last night here is some recap:


War, Drugs & Terrorism

During the first three hours, expert on military strategy & non-lethal weapons Col. John Alexander discussed his research into the interactive effects of war and crime.

South America is producing more casualties than in Iraq, he said. The violent crime rate has been extremely high in Sao Paolo and Rio, and was partially fueled by a law that those under 18 couldn't be charged with a crime. Relating this to American security, he outlined how terrorists and members from Hezbollah are arriving in South America, training in Mexico, and then passing undetected through the US border. Leaders in Venezuela and several other South American countries view the United States as imperialistic and meddlesome, he noted.

The war in Iraq has been a "strategic debacle," a high-ranking official reportedly told Alexander-- and the lack of a solid plan of what to do in the region after the war has created a major problem. He also touched on the failure of the War on Drugs-- large well-publicized drug busts have not made a dent in the drug trade. Drugs, he added, provide the single biggest funding of terrorism.


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There is no way US Customs & Border Patrol can check every truck coming into the US from Mexico. Soon you will hear about truckers smuggling illegal immigrants from Mexico by the truckload.

Mr. Vengeance,

I too am a coast to coast fan especially when Art Bell was on. Spent many nights listening to him late into the morning and hurting the next day from lack of sleep!


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:crying:thanks to mr.bush.pick your drug.a lot of drugs will be coming into the country.more more drugs will be coming in.since there is money in drugs.they don't want to get rid ofit.


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thought they were already here ,disguised as FedEx ground tractor trailers ever see those guys drive????!!!!!! :w00t:


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It's the old "trojan horse" scenario. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

What will happen when either terrorists infiltrate by this means or accidents involving these trucks start taking the lives of our citizens. Who will be held responsible. The government? the president? the congress? You can't sue the government so I guess there's only one place to put the blame. Put it on the corporations who lobbied for these laws and are the ones who will profit from them.

When is somebody going to wake up and stop this madness. They keep saying that our future lies in the service industries and not in manufacturing. They're offshoring all of the manufacturing jobs and now they're letting people in to do the service jobs. What are we suppose to do? Sit at home and twiddle our thumbs?
What good is a service job if there's no one to service?

How long will it be before we lose our jobs to the "guest worker" program? Maybe not as long as you'd think!


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I'm curious where you heard/read this. Got a link?

And here's more -

"United Parcel Service, for example, has been particularly unhappy about the operating and equipment size limitations that Mexico put into the Agreement to protect its government-owned mail monopoly from what Mexico considered potentially serious competition from UPS. (Mexico puts similar constraints on its own truckers.) As a result, UPS does not operate transborder trucks, but instead flies freight into Mexico for delivery in its parcel vans."

My understanding is that Clinton didn't want this part of NAFTA in place because "Mexican truckers often fail to have adequate insurance, they fail to employ licensed and qualified drivers, and these drivers often operate unsafe equipment." But Bush overturned that one.

I'm not thinking along party lines now, but when the :poop: hits the fan over this one, when 200 illegals are found stuffed in a truck, or if new terrorist activity is linked back to a border crossing, then the Prez, the Congress and/or Big Business had better not balk when, not if, they're led out to the wood shed for a whooping.