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    RIdIculous story by a kook.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Atheists are hard to find, particularly in Bunkers , Foxholes and death beds.
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    My uncle is an atheist.
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    Not true, atheists are everywhere in every state and every city. Non Religious persons are becoming the trend in this country. People are moving towards the Deist system of beliefs just like the founding fathers had.

    True, there are religious pockets left in the beltway, but they are slowly fizzling out.

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    mickey mouse is an atheist!
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    Last I checked nearly 80% of the country considers itself Christian. So those small pockets you refer too are the athiests.
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    No he is a Mouse !!!
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    We are moving away from religion and God.

    We are moving away from the typical family unit.

    We are moving away from marriage

    We see more children born out of wedlock and into poverty.

    We see more sex and violence on TV and less family oriented shows.

    We see more and more dropouts and less educated motivated people.

    We see more takers than self sufficient givers.

    Wow --We are really progressing to that Liberal Utopia !!! On a different thread 804 wanted to ban Christmas and Santa !!!
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    Well, he wears corrective shoes and has a falsetto voice !
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    Not really. They are no rarer in foxholes and deathbeds than they are at any other time. They will likely always be a minority but most atheists don't make a big deal out of it so you probably know more of them than you might think.
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    No kids believe anymore. Only the young ones who are brainwashed by their parents. Teens aren't believers.
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    Young children will believe what their parents tell them. They are too young to decide on their own.
    Yes. I call that brainwashed.
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    I thought that was called parenting.... why is it that teaching them about Christ is brainwashing? Arent parents supposed to guide their kids?
  16. over9five

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    Sure, but start them at 17or18 when they're old enough to decide for themselves if they belive in all that.
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    So what do you teach as a parent then.....? Im sorry,,, believing in Christ doesnt start at 17.... it starts the day they are born... its what you are if you are a believer.... no more different than an atheist would try to teach their own children the difference in right and wrong by their own belief system. You cant just turn it off... It is who you are.
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    I think over9 just used the wrong word,instead of brainwash,he meant teach.
    It does bring up the point that kids become what they are taught.
    Call it what you want.Brainwashing is usually associated with trying to change the way someone thinks.
    With kids,you can start them off in the right direction when they have no predisposed opinions.
    It could be argued that Jesus brainwashed atheists into believing in God.
    He was like the teamsters to the overtaxed peasants looking for some real truth in a world of greedy atheists.
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    he used the term brainwashed twice.... Im sorry,,, I dont see the difference in teaching your children either belief as a parent. If you believe in God obviously you are going to teach your child that. If you are atheist, you arent going to do that.... I dont see where one is any better or worse than the other; just different... just makes me mad when its ok to teach your kid what your beliefs are "unless" it involves believing in Christ,,,, then somehow it becomes brainwashing
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    And to what local did Jesus belong ? It wasn't local 666. And I don't picture him as a teamster....more like an artist....maybe SAG or AFTRA or IAU.

    As far as kids, We always had the saying hung on the wall that "children learn what they live".