ATLANTA, Please fix the add/cut system

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    I have had this issue since PAS/EDD came to my center and my dispatch sups say their hands are tied. My route tends to come out when light, mostly being a residential route I understand this. When its a late addition, the sequence numbers get totally screwed up.

    For instance, my regular work would be left on shelves 1000-3000. Then they will add 100 stops to the truck from various routes, making them all 5000's. So now I have to sort and find packages that are thrown all over the place which takes time that I am not credited for. Even yesterday, I had 130 stops total, but they were all configured into the 1000-2000 section which made no sense. To make it more screwed up, only 30 of those stops were the 1000 section, the rest was laid out all over the truck.

    In regular sane add/cuts, dispatch can place them pretty much wherever they want. But when its a last minute route addition, I am left with too many packages in a section. It is a lot easier for a driver when he can visualize the different sections on the PAS label. Dispatch tells me they can't do anything different and the software won't allow for it. I would assume the computer knows how the truck is laid out, and would place the splits in the right order throughout the vehicle.

    Is this true ?? I'm not bitching, just curious how this has not changed in 4 years.
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    The 2 guys in our Dispatch office get in so late that they are always in a hurry and add/cuts are done at the very end of the day.
    When I loaded and got a ton of add/cuts, I broke them up because there is no way that you could fit 100 packages on the 8000 shelf. I used to sort them by street the best I could and tell the driver where I put everything.
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    Yeah it is really sad that after nearly 5 years on PAS the add cuts still are not fixed. We have certain areas on each route that should be cut or added, but these dispatch fools would rather cut or add nonsensical stuff. We just had the idling DIAD training about waste fuel, what a joke, I drive 6 miles past all these deliveries that another driver is doing, so that later I can drive 6 miles back, while he's driving back through the stuff I just delivered to get to the highway, absolutely no excuse is acceptable for this kind of stupidity. But you better believe I get a different excuse each week.
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    Actually, all the people working on the dispatch/trace systems are in Maryland but they are IEs.
    So it is still IEs fault.
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    IF add/ cuts are done before the start of the preload then PAS labels will be accurate... which is when they should be done. Sounds like add/ cuts are being done during the preload.
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    Of all the problems that we have had with PAS we actually don't seem to have any problems with add/cuts. Or sup seems to have a good grasp on the add/cuts. I do have an issue with a resi add being put on shelf 1 but I do understand why it happens and there really isn't much that can be done about it.
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    This is where an experienced preloader can prove to be invaluable. My loader also cover drives during Peak so he knows just how vital a good load is to my (and his) day. He knows that I always do residential add/cuts at the end of my day so he will load them in the 8000 section, even though they may be PALed to the 1000, and then let me know what he did. It sucks that I lose him when I most need him (Peak) but he has college loans to pay so I know he can use the extra money.