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    Has anyone that is covered by the Atlantic Area Supplement noticed that in the new tentative agreement you will no longer be able to file your 9.5 grievances as actual 9.5 hours of excessive work. Under the new tentative agreement this is what is printed.

    Section 2 - Hours of Work and Overtime

    B. The Company shall make every effort to reduce overtime where requested. If a review
    does not indicate that progress is being made in the reduction of assigned hours of work, the
    following language shall apply:
    Employees shall have the right to file a grievance if the Company has continually (means any
    three (3) days in five (5) consecutively scheduled work days) caused an employee to work over
    nine (9) hours and forty-five (45) minutes per day.
    If the grievance cannot be resolved at the Local Union level, it will be referred directly to the
    Employer and Union Negotiations Chairmen for settlement. This procedure shall not apply in the peak season of November and December nor in other classifications other than package car

    So am I reading this right? Are my new grievances for excessive hours no longer 9.5 hours but 9.75 hours? I spoke with my Local 391 "Business Agent" and I asked him why was this issue never brought to anyone's attention? To my surprise he had no idea what I was talking about. He started talking about The Master Agreement and all we need to worry about was Article 37 covering the 9.5 guidelines. Told me to quit spreading rumors and quit making trouble. Told me I have no idea what I am talking about. At one point he started getting angry with me when I repeatedly kept asking him the same question which was "If there is nothing for me to be concerned about, and it does not pertain to the 9.5 guidelines, then why is this printed in the SUPPLEMENT agreement? To my understanding through my 25 years with the company was that a Supplement Agreement overrides the Master Agreement on issues that are mentioned in the Supplement. Right? Wrong? He told me that if in fact this was true that it was only another 15 minutes a day. No big deal for someone who gets payed the $$$ we get payed per hour. I was dumbfounded and just hung up the phone. Its not the pay!! Its the simple fact that I want to be home at a descent hour PERIOD DOT THE END.

    Please make sure you READ your supplement before you make your YES/NO decision. Ask questions if there is a section you do not understand. Remember wording is very important in contract language. Hopefully your Business Agent can give you a better answer to your questions than my did.
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    You've been here 25 years and you didn't notice that this language is also in the current supplement?
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    To the OP. I just went through your supplement and your post is 100% lies. Not sure where you are getting this stuff or your making it up. Either way, you are being very irresponsible.
  4. Jones

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    That language is from the current Atlantic Area supplement, I assume it remains unchanged.
    I agree the op is full of it, I guarantee that "conversation" with his BA never happened.
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    Well your post said "under the new tentative agreement". How were these issues addressed the last 5 years?
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    I know they are in the current Supplement and yes I did have a conversation with my BA about this. The question was still if this is not anything that pertains to Article 37 then why is this in our Supplement. go down to page 180. Yes I know its in the current Supplement. Why is my question.
    Read before you make such an irresponsible remark.
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    He did read it. You stated that this was because of the new tentative agreement which is incorrect. This was in the last agreement as well.
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    Apparently it hasn't been an issue for the OP in past. The only reason it is now is because there is new language in the National master about 9.5.

    The OP either doesn't mind work over 9.5, doesn't work over 9.5 often, or is totally oblivious to anything written in past contracts.
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    Ask you BA what written rule do you follow the national or location contract if he national ask him then why do we have local supplement...

    Wording if often vague and open to interpretation for a reason...
  10. Jones

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    FYI the advantage to the supplemental language is that you can file on 3 consecutive workdays but they don't have to be in the same workweek, ie, a Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday. You can't do that under the National.
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    And about 2 years ago the 9.5 committee made an amendment to these rules. The supplied every local with an MOU to post.
  12. Fullhouse

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    I worry more for the buildings that work under the bonus system. The new language will allow the implementation of 4/10 package car runs. That means a lot less ot for these drivers.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    10% of the bid routes rounded down to the next lowest whole number. If you have 35 routes they can (don't have to) convert 3 of them to 4x10's. These will be bid in the regular bid cycle so if you are an OT driver you just don't bid any of these areas.
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    local 710's states (any three days in five consecutively scheduled days). Is this what you meant or is this only to our agreement?
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  16. Fullhouse

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    The supplement does not limit the amount of 4/10 runs that can be converted. The only limitation is, the runs have to be agreed to. Well if the the supplement is ratified then it would be safe to say, the actions taken by UPS at the beginning of 2014 towards the creation of 4/10 runs are already approved by the members of the union.
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    Yes it is the last agreement but the language is still in the tentative agreement which makes it the NEW tentative agreement.

    Ok if this is the case then when I received my ballot packet with the tentative agreement inside. Why was that part of the supplement that talked about the 9.75 not stricken from the New supplement?

    Why would I ask a question about 9.5 if I was not filing 9.5 grievances? I wish more drivers in my center would file 9.5.

    About the 4/10's in my center that could be up to 7 routes. I don't like that at all. I have a rural route with not many businesses on it and I can see most of the routes in my loop being converted to 10's. I can see this happening to the loop I'm in because out of the 6 routes in the loop 5 of us are on the 9.5 Opt In list. Out of the 5 routes 3 of them would be prime candidates for 10 hour routes. Now dispatch has 3 less routes to worry about keeping under 9.5 hours for 3 times in a week in my loop.