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    We have uncovered a story that essentially, in my opinion, describes the moral character of our Executive Board. Turns out our Leaders have become so complacent about their positions, that they feel that they can get away with anything without suffering any consequences. It has finally caught up with them and it doesn't cost them a dime of their money!

    Case in point. A movie (Dear John) was being shot in South Carolina. Local 509 has a list of available union members who can work. Local 509 President * removed some of the workers names because they had not paid union dues. That was not the right thing to do. These people filed discrimination charges with the NLRB against President *. After an investigation the Local was forced to pay a $5,000 settlement.

    Now, everybody knows * has participated in movie contract negotiations that take place in the US because of his vast experience and knowledge. According to *, he has helped sculpt contracts that contain universal language, the very thing that could have prevented this major screw up. Was it oversight on his behalf or just plain arrogance? Leadership like this can not be accepted. It may be time to put him out to pasture, before the members loose a whole lot more!
    This will end up costing the Local thousands of dollars, (OUR DUES) to settle this. The other individuals did not settle and it is rumored that they have opted to seek council. Yep, Lawyers are not cheap! There is no telling how long this will drag out. I'm sure the longer this goes on the more it is going to cost US!

    To complicate things more our Board has deceived us about this matter. They don't mind announcing NLRB charges against them that have been dropped or beaten, but it is now obvious, that when they lose to the NLRB, they become quiet. There has been no mention of this case to the members nor the settlement they were ordered to pay. The only hint that someone could remember was in a financial report stating "an extra $5000 was paid out due to legal fees." Did they forget about this little matter? I doubt it! They need to man up and face the members with their incompetence, instead of trying to hide it. Just like a little kid who breaks his mothers vase. Then sweeps it up and hopes it doesn't get missed!

    They wish to present themselves as, in my opinion as " the best thing since sliced bread!", when in fact they are nothing more than a bunch of frauds living the high life with our dues!

    As we dig up more info we will certainly pass it along.

    My question is, "how many other things has this board hidden from the members?"
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    So are you upset because the local tried to cover up the incident or because they cut out some freeriders who didnt pay union dues.Im confused if they were members of the local how could they not pay dues.If they were just freeriders who want to reap all the benifits without paying, then i say what your local did was great,good for them.Who would want to work on the set of dear john anyways.
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    i have over 25 years with UPS going to retire in 2 years i'd take a job there lol ,, good job looking into whats going on keep it up...:happy2:
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    There are procedures in place for this situation. Our President loves to brag about his meetings with Hoffa and how he has negotiated many contracts across several crafts. He claims to know the rules, even written many of them yet somehow the point slipped his mind. And at present it will cost our Local $5000 with the one that has settled. But two others have not, so who knows how much more this will cost the membership. We just happened to get wind of this, who knows what else has been hidden from the membership!
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    Why would they not be paying dues????
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    I don't know the details involved other than the NLRB has ordered our President to pay one individual $5000 for violating their rights, while the other two involved have "lawyered up". Thing is, I go to every monthly meeting and this was never mentioned or discussed. The NLRB ruled on this back in March, some of the details have just now come to light.
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    You have a right to see the monthly and annual financial reports at the Union hall. The last ten annual financial reports are also available free online here:
    Just select IBT-TEAMSTERS from the list beside UNION NAME, then hit SUBMIT.

    You also have a right to see the backup documents concerning any expenditures the Local makes.

    You can also ask for an explanation of the expenditures at a monthly meeting during the reading of the financial report.

    I searched the NLRB Unfair Labor Practices database for 509 and limited my search to Region 11 and found 34 ULP cases. Are these three cases below the ones? Apparently they are in the hands of an Administrative Law Judge awaiting his decision.

    Unfair Labor Practice (Complaint Case) Case Information Display:

    Case Name: Teamsters Local 509 (ABC Studios)
    Case Number: 11-CB-04020-001
    Date Case Filed: 02/09/2009
    Date Complaint Issued: 05/29/2009
    Dispute State/Zip/Region: SC/ 29405/ Region 11
    Section(s) of the Act:
    8(b)(1)(A)Other Allegations
    8(b)(1)(A)Fees Excessive
    8(b)(1)(A)Hiring Halls
    8(b)(1)(A)Requiring Payments other than dues
    8(b)(2)Hiring hall Related
    8(b)(2)Other Allegations
    NAICS Code: Motion Picture and Video Production
    Charged Party: Teamsters Local 509
    Case Status: Pending ALJD
    - - -
    Case Name: International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 509 (Dear John)
    Case Number: 11-CB-04028-001
    Date Case Filed: 02/27/2009
    Date Complaint Issued: 05/29/2009
    Dispute State/Zip/Region: SC/ 29405/ Region 11
    Section(s) of the Act:
    8(b)(1)(A)Hiring Halls
    8(b)(2)Hiring hall Related
    Charged Party: International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 509
    Case Status: Pending ALJD
    - - -
    Case Name: Teamsters Local Union 509 (Relativity LLC/Temple Hill, Joint Venture(Dear John, LLC))
    Case Number: 11-CB-04009-001
    Date Case: Filed 01/09/2009
    Date Complaint Issued: 05/29/2009
    Dispute State/Zip/Region: SC/ 29405/ Region 11
    Section(s) of the Act: 8(b)(1)(A)Hiring Halls
    8(b)(1)(A)Coercive Statements
    8(b)(2)Hiring hall Related
    Charged Party: Teamsters Local Union 509
    Case Status: Pending ALJD
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    You obviously are a non dues paying scab that thinks it's ok to take the benefits that others are paying for.
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    If your story is the gospel, then the knuckleheads who wern't paying dues should be removed. If it was a clerical error on the part of the office employees then the Local is responsible and can be held accountable. As far as discussing pending legal cases with the members, you'd have to be a complete moran to expect that.
    As far as passing along info you dig up......we're all waiting on the egde of our seat for that!
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    Upsdriver88 is obviously a dues paying member because he says he goes to every monthly meeting, and because he is objecting to having to pay for the wrongdoing of his Local out of dues money he and his fellow members pay.

    My Local is still paying off about a $900,000 debt that our Local owed when past officers were sued for wrongdoing and lost a lawsuit many years ago. That's a lot of wasted dues money considering we only have about 900 dues paying members.

    If you are going to continue to call people scabs, here and in other threads, maybe you should consult a dictionary first.
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    A scab heals all wounds
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    A scab causes wounds that heal slowly over time, if at all.
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    I've been a proud dues paying member for almost 20 years now, and I resent being called a scab.
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    realitistically all of you are scabs to the the pioneers of unionism that suffered financial hardships, busted heads and worse building the house you all now live in.
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    realitistically all of you are scabs to the the pioneers of unionism that suffered financial hardships, busted heads and worse building the house you all now live in.

    If UPS were an honest company to deal with, we would not need a Union. However, you being a perfect example of the typical type of manager, UPS cannot be trusted to be a fair broker in any dealings. It's funny how certain people (mainly C.E.O.'s and big business types) try to demonize a Union as something sinister or totally counterproductive. I guess these people forget that our proud country was founded as a......Union! Thirteen separate entities that bound together for the betterment of all.
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    Why would I or anyone else be morons to expect our employees, the Executive Board, to be forthcoming with all pertinent information as they are required to by our local by-laws. As it stands, they are subject to charges and removal from office. In my opinion, it moronic to not expect any Local, Joint Council, or International Executive Board, to uphold their oaths to the Union and members they represent. It monronic to not question our "employees", after all they work for us and are paid with our Union dues.
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    It's too bad that turncoat president and his yes men at Local 25 had to attack this poor woman just becuase of who she's related to.
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    I wouldn't worry to much about their comments. I don't think they realize that we belong to a right to work state. It would have been nice if the local would have taken the time to get in touch with these movie members and offered them a chance to become current on their dues, instead of just striking their names off of the list. The local also refused to supply a copy of the 'hiring hall practice' when asked. Also change the hiring hall practice without notification.
    One more item that the Local failed to do was to transfer a member from the Local 391 movie referral list to the Local 509 mrl. As it stands right now the recommendations to resolve this mess could go over $100,000 in loss wages.
    Could this have been avoided? I say yes because the Pres of Local 509 is on the IBT National Movie committee. This kind of irresponsible behavior cannot be tolerated or accepted.
    As for communication with the membership. There has been none! If the Executive Board acts like this, then there is no telling what else they have covered up!