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  1. Lobofan5

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    Just a note to remind you that if you are blessed with a good preloader, one who really takes the effort and does a great, accurate, job day in and day out.... say THANK YOU to them once in a while.

    I load a 4 car set and I have one driver who has shown me respect and appriciation since day one. Due to the working relationship that he has taken the time to develop his truck will always be loaded the best out of my cars because I dont want to make his day any harder than it already is.

    A little appriciation goes a long way and Lord knows preloaders don't get the 'kudos' from UPS management.
  2. upsgrunt

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    I couldn't agree more Lobo- I always dote on my preloader and am forever bringing him a cold drink when I get to work. I make sure others are around when I tell him what a good job he does so maybe that will rub off also. My loader gets the biggest reward from me at Christmas in the form of cash. He gets more each year he stays, so maybe that helps also.:thumbup1:
  3. maybrown

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    Good for you but I don't think this is a good practice. I treat my customers with the same respect no matter what.

    You will decide which truck you load with much attention. Other drivers will suffer with misloads. Please think again what you are doing.
  4. HazMatMan

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    Yeah, say thanks once in a while especially during peak (Benjamins!!)
  5. I'll bite on this

    its simple really, if we know our work is appreciated we'll try harder to make sure its good, simple as that. If we get a driver thats never satisfied, whats the point?, nothing will ever be good enough anyway. These types are usually outside hires (the 1 part of the 6-1) offense to any outside hires I know you're not all like that.

    Did I have favorites in the pulls I've had? you bet I did, did I misload on the other trucks? no but I may make sure those trucks (ones where I knew its appreciated) were sequenced better or have a tighter load (less chance of things moving around). If I have time I do it for all of them, if I don't well then favorites come into play just like anywhere else in life.

    For the record all the drivers of my current pull are good guys, therefore I do the best I can for all of them. :thumbup:
  6. Griff

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    I refuse to thank or tip my preloader, he is easily one of the worst in the entire nation. I won't get into everything he does, but the 1000,3000,5000,7000 shelves are guarenteed to be on the floor by the time I'm on area. Who teaches these people to put tiny packages on the bottom and big packages ontop of them?

  7. well no in this case a tip in money/gift isn't warranted, maybe your tip could be to suggest ways to improve. Lord knows most supes either don't care or don't have time to properly train people. I credit my drivers for learning as fast as I did because to be honest, they're the ones that trained me. Just a thought, I know you're not obligated. :wink:
  8. over9five

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    "if we know our work is appreciated we'll try harder to make sure its good, simple as that."

    Exactly! I have the best preloader ever. This is the key to PAS. PAS will only work with a top notch preloader.
  9. Lobofan5

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    I never said 'tip' I said "say thank you".

    I have one of the lowest, if not the lowest, misload rate in our entire building on ALL four of my cars.. yet only one driver takes the time to say thank you.

    I think that if someone got up at 3am, drove in to load MY work 'office', and did solid work day in and day out at less than 1/2 the pay that I make.. I wouldn't think a simple "thank you" would be that hard to say once in a while.

    **Not even going to comment on being called "these people" by Griff.
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  10. Cardboard-n-Asphalt

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    I usually show up on fridays with a biscuit and either a hot cup of coffee

    or a cold glass of tea, and at the end of the day when prompted by my

    diad I always say the load was accepteble, whether it was or not. It's

    been a while, but I remember what it was like to do his job.
  11. Megansman

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    I pre-loaded for about forever (seven years) and will back up these complaints... I had two drivers that appreciated what I did and one who was never satisfied -- even to the point of asking what I could do to make it better (he complained some of his packages were upside down that day). At the end of it all, I always made sure my two good drivers knew the scoop, left them notes etc. and let the complainer pound sand.

    Now as a driver I always boost my loader -- train where neccessary since it always helps me and my fellow drivers, and praise and tip when needed (a few bucks once in a while makes sure he's happy and loading efficiently for the both of us). Now if I could only have one stay for more than six months....
  12. lost

    lost Member

    I agree, we do need to thank our preloaders, If you get a bad one BE CALM and teach them. I have a few drivers that just go irate over little things I like too much RDR for the floor so the preloader puts some on the end of a shelf. Well if the preload were to keep putting in RDR it would move every thing forward and some of the drivers would be digging in FL 2 for the RDR. I have had some drivers complain about preloaders pulling their splits and putting where the split sheet says to put them, I get "Why did your preloader put these on my car?!" Well ask youe dispatch sup not me, just doing what I was told. My favorite is when I had a driver come down the belt to complain about a load that was not even his, this driver was 12 cars away from his own complaining about somebody elses car. Help the preloaders if you dont like the way they load, and thank the good ones It will go along way.
  13. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    No drivers in the car before their start time.
  14. lost

    lost Member

    Almost all of our drivers come in and start going through their load everyday. My problem is when they stand on the belt and talk to each other, please talk somewhere else.
  15. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    That's why drivers need to stay away. They get in the way, bitch and complain, and slow the preloaders down.
  16. lost

    lost Member

    true. Some of my drivers help out alot though so there is a negative and a positive.
  17. Griff

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    Considering I never see my preloader, how could I thank him/her for the outstandingly awful job they do? You need to harden up mentally, you aren't a 1st grade teacher here. I don't ever want to be thanked for doing my job by customers and especially never by management. I signed up to do this in exchange for a paycheck at the end of the week, not to have my hand held and told I'm special. I've never forgotten my roots as a PT'er and even more importantly as a fellow teamster, which is why I would never complain about my load to a manager.

    P.S. -- I generally assume it's a "he" that loads my truck, since we have very few females. I'm one of the few drivers (sadly) who clocks in 1 minute before my actual start time, preload is long gone by the time I come in.
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  18. longlunchguy

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    Most of us started part time and lots of us loaded. Say thanks to the guy (girl) loading your car. Even if the load isn't great, take a minute to appreciate their efforts. AND THEN GET OUT OF THE CAR, i ain't start time yet.
  19. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    I agree, always thank your loaders. I thank at least one of my 60 loaders everyday.
  20. Lobofan5

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    In light of Griffs attitude, I will go in tommorow and thank my drivers for being nice people.