Author of Big Brown Lie Shot while at work!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brownbear, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. brownbear

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    The author of the Big Brown Lie was the UPS employee that was shot!

    A United Parcel Service deliveryman was treated and released after he was shot in his right leg while driving a route.

    James Earls, 32, a resident of Hazel Green, Ala., was driving a UPS tractor trailer truck and was motioned to the side of Highway 64 West by a woman riding with two other subjects in a dark full-size four-door car, according to sheriff's department investigators.
  2. tieguy

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    5 pellet wounds is it? Looks like hes trying to drum up sales for his book.
  3. wkmac

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    What is "The Big Brown Lie?" Never heard of it myself.
  4. trouble1903

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    So let brownbear drum up sales for his life after
    brown, what does it matter to you. In the end he was still shot.
  5. proups

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    wkmac: From what I have seen, it is a book by a UPS Driver that really slams the company. Most of the people that I have seen posts from, that have read the book, say it seems like the author is the guy you work around that needs the union in order to keep his job at UPS.
  6. tieguy

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    Trouble I'm sorry. Driver pulls over, encurs only 5 pellets from a shotgun fired at point blank range. Sounds highly suspect to me.
  7. jcroche

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    Since when do we carry "smoke extinguishers" in our tractors?[​IMG]

    Journalism in its finest hour.
  8. wkmac

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    Thanks proups!
  9. spidey

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    I could only get through about a third of the book. I hate to say it, but judging by his attitude if he didn't set it up himself, it could have been anyone he'd ever met. The guy is a jerk.
  10. my2cents

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    I agree Spidey. Its one of the most depressing and burdensome books I've ever read. The author projects the image of extreme arrogance. Truly awful stuff. If one decides to reads this book, do it on an empty stomach.