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    anyone know what happened to james earls? wrote a book called the bigbrownlie, had a web page that no longer works I'm sure he was a thorn in UPS's side back then. wondering if he still works for us or if he left for some reason. Claimed someone shot him while drving a feeder. Not sure if he was trying to say the company or union may have been responsible.
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    I think the Corporate Monitor had that website taken down.
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    Good blast from the past thread btw!
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    Hey Tie, Last Friday, while outside at break, I notice a Feeder trailer with a bullet hole in the UPS sheild. Somebody else also took a bullet! :dead:

    Are your sure the title of the book was The Big Brown Lie? I remember something about a UPSer writing a book, but I don't think it's the one your talking about.
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    Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS (Hardcover) 2007

    by Greg Niemann (Author)

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