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  1. gamer282

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    How can the company automatically take out a lunch and knowingly do so even when you tell them not too?

    I have filed 2 grievances in 3 months over the lunch issue. They still continue to over dispatch on days they know you want to get off early. I am the most senior driver on our belt which is about 20 drivers and I am getting work from less senior drivers. (maybe because I am a Shop Steward) I was sick on Wed. and a rookie did my route. Now I usually go out with 110 stops. He bumped a less senior driver because my route used to be nice. You see he had Church at 7 pm. Well he ended up with 144 and skipped his lunch and missed church. Told the Center Mngr but still took out his lunch.
    I will follow up with another grievance to get him paid also.
    Does anybody know of any legal remedy for UPS's action over this matter? The California Law Suit? Other Grievance Settlements?
    UPS now tracks you by GPS you think they can correct their program in the diad so lunch is not automatically taken out.
    The biggest issue is they are not reporting hours of work correctly to the Federal Government. Being paid this money in Bonus is of a higher tax bracket. It also falsifies their numbers reported to different sectors of marketing and survey.
    I would appreciate any input. Thanks
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    In Colorado we are required to take our lunch between the 3rd and sixth hour of the day. Why, because of lawsuits around the country. Can't skip break unless approved by management. That doesn't happen very much. If you need to get off early, request an 8 hour day.
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    I think it's payrolls fault, they seem to do anything they want, even if the sup puts in that you didn't take lunch payroll deducts it anyway.
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    I don't see how you can grieve this. The company is TELLING you to take your lunch. If you don't, you are "failing to follow", correct?

    You're saying you should be able to work thru, and tell them not to take out a lunch. But by working through your lunch, you are the one not working as directed.

    I say they don't want to pay you for that lunch, THEN DON'T WORK IT!
  5. sendagain

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    It's just too much temptation for some drivers to allow them to work without a lunch. There are always going to be those guys who cheat the company, hang out too long with friendly customers, then try to say they never took their lunch, pay me another half hour of overtime.
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    I don't see the difference in pay if you are paid actual hours worked or if in a bonus center you opt not to take your lunch and get paid the planned day? If you have a 9 hour load and do it in 9 hours and run scratch with an hour lunch, or you do a 9 hour load in 8 hours, skip your lunch and get paid for a planned 9 hour load. How would this put you in a higher tax bracket? Do drivers in bonus centers enter a lunch even if they didn't take one? Just wondering
  7. RetiredHR guy

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    I spoke with my old district ERM about this PCM. I understand that the PCM simply says to accurately record for your lunch and break period. That's all he different than I did 20 years ago....when we went to lunch, we recorded it on our timecards, when we finished we did the same.
    Different contracts have different luch guarentees....I understand that UPS simply wants consistency throughout the company in recording meal periods...this has nothing to do with not taking lunch or any guarentees...just record your exact lunch biggee
  8. brownmonster

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    I'm in a bonus center. I average a 10 to 10.5 dispatch and run 1 to 1.5 under. If I take my full lunch and breaks I still get paid 10 to 10.5 but I get home 30 minutes later. I take a 15 or 20 minute break to eat. I would rather sit on the couch than sit in the truck. If we should lose bonus or get a bad time study than I would take my lunch everyday at noon. I consider myself paid by the load, not the hour.
  9. canon

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    I've never understood the whole bonus center philosophy... if you're consistantly running a 10 hour dispatch in 8.5 or 9, I don't understand why UPS just doesn't redefine what they consider a 10 hour dispatch is? I mean, if you are following the methods, not running, and not cutting corners isn't the "bonus" nothing more than inaccurate time allowances? It's great that you get a bonus, but if they took the bonus away would that mean the same load would now take you the 10 hours? If so, why?

    It's a nice set up you have for your route. Since PAS and the new time studies, even the "runners" are an hour over at my center. I'd love the option of not taking a lunch.
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    Brown Monster, I too work in a bonus center. Their is no way in hell you are taking lunch and still getting that much bonus. Are u one of those guys who comes in an hour early and loads his truck off the clock? UPS is making alot of money of bonus centers or they wouldnt have it. The whole point of bonus is to get u to skip your lunch and work through your breaks. We have drivers that get good bonus time but they are the ones working off the clock and skipping lunch. I hate the bonus system its not fair to everyone and there is NEVER an easy day. I dont mind getting home at 7 every night, atleast i took a lunch and didnt run my ass off all day. Has anyone ever checked out if bonus is taxed more than overtime?
  11. brownmonster

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    I don't understand the ins and outs of "standards" or "time studies". I used to run 2 1/2 hours early before 5.8 and PAS. I move quick, don't talk to anybody and suck up whatever work they give me without complaint. (to a point). Heavy area, 400 deliverd and 450 to 500 picked up. I know standards are different on each route and I know some drivers spend to much time BSing and not moving very fast. As long as I can still pound it I will and when I can't I'll move onto some country route and sit at the local diner for lunch with the farmers every day. BM
  12. brownmonster

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    Bonus is time and a half just like overtime. Bonus is not for everyone. We have piece work in alot of the local factories where you can make more money by working faster. Some guys are faster than others. It's nice to be rewarded for it. I don't understand the obsession with lunch breaks. Some of these same factories voted to cut lunch breaks down to 15 or 20 minutes. People would rather get home 15 minutes early than sit in a breakroom. I start at 8:30 and leave my house at 8:20. Truck is packed full but is loaded very well by the loader and I set it up with PAS the way I run it. In some sadistic way I like the challenge.
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    I have two questions pertaining to this same subject. 1) What is scratch? 2) I am a cover driver. Last week i worked preload and then was put out on a route i had ran during peak. I was told not to go over 12 hours no matter what. Only took a long enough lunch break to eat. Still did not get all my stops off. Will i still lose the whole hour and 10 minutes since i didnt get to take it all? Am i supposed to take the full lunch break at one time? Im new to this and not certain what to do. any help is apprecieated!!
  14. tieguy

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    The beauty of bonus.
  15. DS

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    1)scratch is the time that the company thinks it should take for you to do a days work.Ask a fellow driver to explain the
    operations report tomorrow morning.
    2)yes you will lose any time you did not take because they
    automatically deduct your break time if you take it or not.
    You don`t have to take your full break at one time,you can
    break it up however you want.