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    The sales rep has been on us to eliminate waybills.I`m with him on this one,I submitted 5 automation leads today.On line shipping is so easy and it eliminates a lot of problems.example-
    I have this auto repair shop in my area I hate going to because he`s never ready,I get the dreaded on call pickup
    and sure enough he sees me and starts looking for a waybill.
    Being the efficient driver that I am I brought everything I might need and quickly determine if its domestic or international...and hand him the appropriate waybill.I notice
    that the flywheel or whatever it was was he was shipping out is sitting there still unpackaged.I said OK bud you fill out the waybill and I`ll wrap this in cardboard and tape it up.
    Thanks he says and proceeds to fill out the waybill with a PENCIL.I look at him and I say a PENCIL? Where the f***
    are your crayons.He didn`t like that but he got over it.
    The purolator driver thought it was funny.
    Anyways I`m all for getting rid of waybills
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    look at him and I say a PENCIL? Where the f***
    are your crayons.

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    "The purolator driver thought it was funny."

    Me too!

    (Are they still gonna buy UPS??? Anyone remember that thread?)
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    Just tell him that you only have 5 waybills left, and that he should look up
    take 5 minutes and show him how to do it online... or at least get him started
    and tell him you'll show him how to do the rest next time your in.