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    Hi I have posted on this forum a few times befor trying to get an idea if working for ups is for me. I have had my first and second interview for a f/t automotive mechanic position at an extended center I would be the only mechanic there responsible for 42 cars. I have not worked for any fleets before and I am currently working at a freightliner dealership.i have been a mechanic for 3 years now I feel like I am a very good mechanic judging myself to others I work with and what I have been told by my employers, but haveing my second interview has got me questioning my skills because the supervisor told me that he needs a superstar mechanic not just a good mechanic. I asked what a typical day/week would look like for a mechanic and he could not give me a straight answer so I was Wondering if I could get some other input from some real meachanics like what would a typical night/ week look like for you?
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    i am a package car mechanic, work 3rd shift. my usual night consists of addressing the DVIR's or driver writeups. those consist of needing wipers, bulkhead door and overhead door issues, lights out or not working, needing new seat cusions. then the occasional problems such as clutch slipping, soft brakes, cranks but no start and other more serious problems. depending on if we have spare cars or not i might have to bust my butt and get a clutch job in an out the same night so the car can run the next day. then the rest of the night consists of doing pmi's and the workoff from them. in between that stuff there are oil changes to squeek in there also. we have 5 mechanics for about 115 cars and struggle to keep up with the workload. 42 cars for one guy is a lot of cars
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    hhhmmm thats alot of good information...yah 42 cars does seem like a heavy load being by myself in an extended center. i think a majority are newer automatics weather or not that would make a difference of difficulty i dont really know?