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  1. ChrisCox

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    I've been with ups for 21 years,15 full time. An MRI has shown that I have 5 bulging discs n my lower back... Haven't don't surgery yet but everything else we have tried has not helped at all.... Any suggestions on what I should do? Management is pushing me to be back in a week and I can hardly get my shoes on...
  2. burrheadd

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    Go see a Dr.
  3. trickpony1

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    Change your screen name if it is your real name.

    As suggested.....go see a doctor and an attorney.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can't just walk off the street and have an MRI done so obviously he has already seen a doctor.

    Your health is far more important than this or any job. Work with your doctor to develop a plan of action. Keep your supervisor updated along the way.

    You failed to mention whether you are currently on comp or STD.
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    If that's your real name change your first name to "Big".
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    Funny..I've been with the company almost 16 yrs (10 full-time) and just found out I had 5 bulging discs in my lower back as well. I've been on taw for about 2 weeks now and they (LM) are setting up an appt with an orthopedic. How long have you been out of work? Also, good luck to you, I feel your pain!
  7. Jlemansk

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    I have 3 disc bulges, L5-S1, L5-L4, and L4-L3. I can tell you from my experience that using an inversion table, doing safe core exercises that do not put stress on your back, and anti-inflammatory meds help. Also, never bend over to pick up packages, bend at the knees, and use your hand cart a lot more. It's funny how one day you can feel like superman, having no idea that your back is on the verge of injury, until you make one wrong move, and that's it.
    Also, I know a few guys that have had the epidural steroid injections, and they do help. However, I watched how they do it on YouTube, and that has kept me from trying it.
  8. burrheadd

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    What if your knees hurt worse than your back?
  9. Jlemansk

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    I don't know? My knees have been hurting as well. Best thing for your knees is Glucosamine Chondroiton, with MSM, it's a life saver, unless your knees are too far gone. I have wore a knee brace in the past, when I have a bad flare up. I just baby it for a few weeks, and it has always gotten better.
  10. Overworked75

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    Good advice. I'm waiting to go to the ortho in a couple of days and I'm anxious to hear what he has to say about me and my bulging discs in my lower back as well as one herniated disc (l5-s1) with a tear. I will continue to do stretching exercises and will try an inversion table if I can.
  11. Jlemansk

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    My wife has 3 herniated discs in her low back, and she loves my inversion table. I can't believe my wife has never had surgery on her back. She says her right leg always gets numb, as well as her foot. She had a herniation in her neck, and fought it for about a year, and finally caved in and had it repaired. I guess she can tolerate back pain better. If I were you, I would try the epidural injections, and make sure you tell them you want to be put asleep. You may get 75% relief with that.