Background check -- fail/pass?

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  1. gapband

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    What are the determining factors for failing/passing a background check for UPS?

    I'm currently awaiting a 3 to 4 day wait for my background check to come back and, unfortunately, I'm stressing -- a lot. I'm applying for a full time position in a supply chains warehouse. I had a DUI two years ago.

    I've heard that a misdemeanor DUI yellow-flagging the application and putting it to the side while multiple green-lighted applicants progress further. I don't know how the hiring process goes for the HR, but after I left the office (the day he and I sent out the bgc), I called him and informed him that I do have a DUI on my record from 2 years ago. He replied with a laugh and proceeded to explain that he personally would not see the convictions, but rather a 'yes or no' for employment (that scared the hell out of me). I, now that I think about it, whimpered a pitiful little laugh back at my own dismay. He then followed to say, reassuringly I happily add, that it was just a misdemeanor and its not a felony, and that he'll contact me as soon as it gets in. Hes a really nice guy and I hope I get the job because it sounds like a phenomenal experience for me.

    I was hoping someone could possibly shed some light on the situation, give advice, rest my worries, or even play devil's advocate. Thanks for your time fellas (and ladies which I doubt, but would be delighted otherwise haha:wink2:)
  2. Indecisi0n

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    Deny deny deny.
  3. gapband

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    You're saying I won't get the job correct?
  4. ChickenLegs

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    Thank you come again.
  5. Bagels

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    Nearly all of us work in the small package division and aren't familiar with the hiring practices of SCS. There's a forum dedicated to SCS, but it's had like 2 posts in three years.

    If you were applying for an inside job within the small package division, a DUI would generally be irrelevant toward hiring decisions. But I'm uncertain how SPD hiring decisions relate to SCS.

    We got lots of drunks on Preload... sometimes they show up to work that way :)!
  6. Indecisi0n

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    You just have to wait and see.
  7. ChickenLegs

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    A criminal record might even be a requirement for new pters
  8. gapband

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    what is a "pter"?
  9. gapband

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    Thanks for a well rounded response lol. My sister used to work in the louisville HUB and told me some stories about the drunks lol
  10. Notretiredyet

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    a DUI should not affect your hiring status at SCS as it is not a driving position
  11. gapband

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    Thank you. My sister said the same. I guess it just really worried me because it is a DUI, and it being such a good job I figured I'd be overlooked. But what you said is more rational.
  12. Shryp

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    part time [e]r
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    i have heard and seen drivers that have gotten a dui once or a few of them lol and still work at ups. so not sure why they would not let you get the job.
  14. Wally

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    Remember, "An indictment is not a conviction"!
  15. gapband

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    Yes, however, I was convicted concluding trial.

    I figured that. But I clearly said I was applying for a full time position :confused2:

    lol thats pretty crazy. I hope so lol
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    Your DUI will not effect you getting the job your not getting a driving position. If your convicted of theft or a violent crime that would be another thing. UPS doesn't do the background check someone else does so it takes a couple of days. It wouldn't hurt to call Monday and see what your status is....

    Good luck.
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  18. gapband

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    An incoherent, counterproductive post by ChickenLegs -- standard protocol for him in this thread...:yapyapyapf:
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    You're only allowed to 'lol' at yourself once per thread.

    Someone who just registered, 7 posts, already has an avatar which reads "dolla dolla bill, yall"...and has an opinion on what is "standard protocol" for another member already. Should be interesting to see where this one goes...