UPS Driving record check offense date or conviction date


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Had tickets from 2006-2008 from my teenage and early 20's never cared to take care of them and never got anymore tickets violations accidents from then till now. I do not know how I got by driving with no licence since couldn't renew and always had vehicles under some one else's name due to scofflaw the dmv wouldn't let me register car until tickets got paid. Fast-forward April 2020 job site I was working in ended and was headed to a other state I decided not to go and take the layoff .Job was a full time 60+hours job in west texas driving the rough terrain telehandler jcb forklift racking torx tubes in a solar site and then somehow for 7 months ended up driving the water tanker I told my foreman I had no licence much less a cdl he looked the other way and told me get on there and do that job glad had no accidents happened and he just had his trust on me.Had been working there couple of years my unemployment checks were coming in fat plus all that pandemic stuff anyways payed about 7k in tickets finally got my licence then got my cdl and able to register a car under my name but yea was looking at ups application says driving record past three years and well if goes by offense date that was long time ago but if goes by my conviction date date I took care of them has not been three years.


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If you go on the dmv website and ask for a 3 year outlook on your driving record and nothing is on there then you’re fine.