Bad Representation and B. A.

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    Grievances that have been settled at any stage of the grievance procedure, are final

    and binding on all parties. It should say so in your regional supplement.

    And the IBT will call the Local, and get their side of the story.


    The General President doesn't trustee a Local because of a "dispute" over

    a single grievance.

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    Thanks for the input, are you saying all this to tell the OP that he shouldn't bother doing anything, and lay down and take it? Or do you think he should just go straight to the NRLB?

    I would hope the international would do a proper investigation. Let's say their investigation lead concluded that the OP's version of events was correct, and that the local was not enforcing the contract on a regular basis, and that the OP had to represent himself on several occasions, etc. What action would the international take to correct the situation? Don't worry, I don't actually expect any sort of useful response from you.
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    Drinking and fighting come to mind.
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    DM me, I'll help. If you call your Joint Council or International, it will be kicked back to your Local. If you call another Local, they will contact your Local and you are back to square one. This is what you need to do. Document everything meeting, conversation etc with dates and times.
    1)Talk to your shift steward, no help then
    2)Talk to your Chief Steward, no help
    3)Call you Business Rep, no help,
    4)Call the head of your Local Sec/Tres or help
    5)Address your issue at a membership meeting, no help
    6)Send a letter to your executive board stating your problems and concerns, if still no help
    7)Contact the NLRB and file a charge for violation of "duty of fair representation"
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    I am a retired steward. I filed a grievance that was a blatant case of abuse of seniority rights. My BA sit on his hands at the hearing and did not say a word. It was voted on and I lost. It was so obvious that it was all set up before I even went into the hearing. I then went to my Local President and had a meeting. He was willing to file charges against the BA. I explained that I did not want to see anyone lose their employment or livelihood. So he brought the BA into the meeting with us. The BA agreed to revisit the grievance with the labor manager. I did not even have to attend. It was reversed in my favor. The seniority issue that was happening was resolved the very next day.
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    I agree that your local may have gotten quite a few employees back to work for other offenses besides what you listed, and good for them, but how much time did they miss from work and how many other locals are there like this? And can they continue this good streak?

    Remember Harry Callahan's quote (Clint Eastwood) from the movie Dirty Harry?

    "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

    Give one of the following a try and let me know how that works out for you. There are no guarantees that you will keep your job, strong local or not.

    Drinking while working. Especially a package or feeder driver?
    Use or possession of drugs.
    Unreported accident.
    Workplace violence.
    Sexual harassment.
    Serious accident due to recklessness.
    Carrying unauthorized passengers.
    Gross insubordination.
    Willful damage to the employers property.
    Avoidable runaway accident.
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    Most Business Agents are at will employees. Enough complaints and they will be fired. They are not protected by a contract
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    I'm just curious what barn you at? I'm an old timer I'm just taking a guess with your profile your a young man with the company sounds like you think the Teamsters are like the UAW where everyone gets a participation trophy and nobody can tell you what to do! Wrong young man ! Best advice I was told when I was young come to work do your job shut your mouth respect is a 2 way street with management and thank your Union team never know when you will need there help! BTW I have been around a year or two you must be a Democrat your not telling the whole story here call CNN or ABC news then!! Best of luck to you when you get :censored2: canned!!!
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  9. Donkey dragon

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    Sounds like a real Barney Fife on here he must be a bad ass his Union should bow down to him the way he talks!!
  10. zubenelgenubi

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    Do you believe that management never does anything wrong and that the union always does everything right? I'd like to know the address of the fantasy land you are living in...
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  11. Donkey dragon

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    Sure management does and I can't speak for each barn however our barn our BA is in there 1 -2 times a week stays on management about problems as they come up
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    Maybe you should apply some stain guard after it's cleaned...just a suggestion.
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    What would the NLRA violation be ?

    He thinks he is being "set up" and they might re-open a settled grievance ?

    They would, after he goes through the proper procedure.

    Obviously, others know what to do.

    The quickest way to get shot down, is not follow the procedure....

    as @SoCalUPS has laid out.

  14. BigUnionGuy

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    If the BA is "hired or appointed" they are at will employees.

    If they are elected.... they are afforded due process.

    IE: Protest to the Local Executive Board, Joint Council, and then the IBT.
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    What’s a barn?
  16. BadIdeaGuy

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  17. zubenelgenubi

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    I've been referring to all of the OP's posts, not just the one specific situation. He has mentioned having to represent himself, and has gone through the chain up to the local president in previous situations without getting help. What he describes shows a pattern of behavior at the local. Whether his description is accurate or not is obviously unverifiable through this forum, but based on what he described a call to the international is not out of the question:
    From the IBT website

    "How should I handle complaints about my steward, business agent or local?
    Most stewards, business agents and local officers work very hard to provide Teamster members with the best representation possible. But sometimes problems do occur. The best way to resolve complaints is to start as close to the problem as possible. For example, if you have a complaint about your steward, your first call should be to your business agent; if you have a problem with your business agent, you should talk to your local's principal officer.

    Business agents generally cover several work sites within the same industry, so he or she will be most aware of what's going on in your workplace and will be familiar with your steward and the issues the steward is facing on a day-to-day basis. The source of your complaint may actually be management. If the business agent is unable to address your concerns, the next call should be to your local. All Teamster locals are autonomous and procedures for dealing with member issues may vary. Some locals may have a staff member assigned to resolving member problems. If that is not the case, ask to speak with your principal officer. You may want to make an appointment or set up a time when you are both free to talk about your complaint. If your local is unable to resolve the matter, you can call the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Legal Department, (202) 624-6945. Only contact the Legal Department if you have exhausted all local options."
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    Why are you.... trying to defend.... an untenable position ?
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    Our ba is Mia, has been for about 1.5 years unless you consider stopping by once every 3 months is good. Our steward bats for the management in exchange for never running her route but still working 40 a week.
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