Bad Times

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by LV_TSC, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. LV_TSC

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    We're losing an average of 2 people per were in my department.

    Work load is increasing... and for every idiot that calls in for a password reset, a critical call doesn't get taken and we get fined $100,000.

    Everyone comes to work, and they can't help but think that "I'm next."
    Every little thing, from misuse for proxy internet usage, to a caller "overhearing" someone disparage the company even in a minute way, to a jealous coworker wanting to get the ax dropped on you before them.

    Sort of like, if you wanna escape a wild animal chasing you down, make sure you can run faster than your friend.

    ... these aren't just bad times, they're sad times.
  2. dillweed

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    You know, LV, it is sad at times. We mourn the loss of security, respect and ability to make an impact our company.

    Life evens out somehow and rough times are intermingled with great times. So...Great times are a commin' :happy2:
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    Are you in that big building on Amigo?

    It's not much prettier in our center either. They've been firing many full timers lately for some radically stupid stuff. They fire first and investigate later. If you file a grievance, someone follows you around all day everyday until they have something to pin on you(even if it isn't anything) It's gonna cost the company more and more down the road.

    I've just hit a major crossroads again and thinking hard about getting out now. I see no future for UPS in this city if this is how they continue to play the game.

    (Just to clarify, there is a hell of a lot more to THIS than what I posted about)
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    The firing of FT'ers whether TSC, Package, Feeder....whatever, for radically stupid stuff may be an increasing trend.
    The disqualification of feeder drivers on the company nurses whim is another dangerous indicator of the security of our jobs.
    The company knows that for every long time senior employee they can get rid off they can hire a new kid at 70% of the pay and 5 weeks less vacation.