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    1 - are hourly pay rates the same across the country?
    2 - how do the unions work? From what i gather, they are regional but under the 'teamster' umbrella? what do they dictate?
    3 - are pensions the same across the country? how are they decided? is it based on the center you retire from or the center where you worked the majority of your career?
    4 - where can i find information about retirement healthcare?

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    1) Yes. Hourly rates are set by the National Master Agreement. The only variations I know of involve driver helpers being paid more in certain parts of the US.
    2) Each local has a geographic jurisdiction and are affiliates of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). A percentage of each member's dues (called a 'per capita tax' on your local's monthly financial report, which should be given out at monthly membership meetings/upon request) goes to the IBT. In turn, IBT uses these funds to maintain a staff consisting of actuaries, lawyers, an organizing department, etc. that locals are then able to utilize.
    3) No. This depends on what local you're in -- the pension fund you fall under will be listed in your supplemental agreement. Retirement is based on total years of service and whether those years were PT or FT. It's fairly rare that someone would transfer, as a FT'er, to a different local's jurisdiction but it happens. There are vast differences between pensions across the country, although many now fall under the UPS/IBT company plan after UPS negotiated its way out of participating in Central States back in 2008.
    4) Assuming you'll be covered by the new TeamCare plan in 2014 (you probably will be unless you're in one of the "carve out" locals), here's the summary plan for retirees:
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    great info - thanks.

    still kinda blows my mind hourly rates are across the board....those in lower cost of living areas must be putting away serious cash!

    great link to the health plan...looks like an awesome benefit.

    ​thanks again
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    Basic is now called Surepost.:greedy:
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    Basic(ally) a job elimination!
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    question how do you know if u got banded from applying or getting a job with ups i do have applications but wird things happen to me for instance i was at my hub in queens for a interview for package handler got told go n fill out second part of my application w2 and if i wanted direct deposet did that nevr got called nevr touched my application n few weeks back i loged in to check if it was still up and i noticed it changed to brooklyn i called hr to ask about that n they say that i nevr filled out one for preloader as package handler in that hub n i told him the ladys name who intervied us can some one tell me how i know if im banded i did nothing wrong on my seasonal n my driver and me speak often since he delivers in my naighborhood