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    Anybody notice any new Basic customers? I noticed a pkg from Lillian Vernon Friday.
  2. oh, american girl, direct checks, just to name a few.
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    I think Norm Thompson and HSN uses them, also gelavia, at least they used to
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    UPS to Add Overseas Letter Delivery
    Wednesday January 11, 1:50 pm ET <TABLE height=4 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD height=4></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>UPS Says It Will Add Overseas Letter Delivery to Package Service for Its Europe Customers
    BERLIN (AP) -- Express delivery company United Parcel Service, Inc. said Wednesday it would offer overseas letter delivery to its package customers in Europe.
    The company would offer the new letter service in February -- expanding a test project begun in Britain to Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, UPS spokesman Georg Leusch said from the company's German offices in Neuss.
    "The numbers there have far exceeded our plans," he said.
    Leusch said letters would be collected unsorted in mail bags from customers and forwarded to foreign destinations by UPS' partner, Swiss Post International.
    He denied a German media report that the service was a move to win customers from domestic mail deliverers such as Deutsche Post AG. Deutsche Post retains a monopoly on domestic letter delivery until 2007.
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    Why would he deny that we are going head to head with the post office. Take it to them, just like they have been trying to take it to ups.

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    I work for the USPS but have been around UPS all my life. I deliver and pick up to H&R Block. A large service center that does mortgages along with everything else. Not the little office that is open during tax season. Two weeks ago they switched from Fed Ex to UPS on their overnight shipments. Were talking about a hundred NDA letters and packs per day. Everyday I went in there and the mailroom was stacked with Fed Ex boxes and envelopes. I guess Fed Ex picked them up or they pitched them because it is all UPS now. I would market our express services and the features and benefits of it but in all honesty I really don't trust the USPS to fulfill the service obigations that H&R Block needs. The USPS has a hard enough time with 1st class let alone express. I had a letter that was mailed from address accross the street from it's destination and it took seven days for it to reach its destination. I marked the date that it was picked up on the envelope just to see how long it would take. I'm glad you guys landed this account so I can continue to watch my UPS stock go up while enjoying the Post Office running around in circles..
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    Really pissed off at UPS today! Got a box delivered. It looked like an NFL linebacker had kicked it 3 times......all caved in.

    Turns out hubby had ordered a tea pot and cups that I had been looking at in the Cash's of Ireland catelog. I've ordered from Cash's before and the stuff comes so heavily bubble wrapped it's hard for anything to break. I'm talking Waterford crystal, Lladro and Belleek stuff.

    The note on the box says it was a re-pack done by UPS. they put the fine china tea set on the bare bottom of the box and all the stuffing on top of it. Eveything you're not suppose to do, they did.

    Needless to say, the boxes within went "tinkle" "tinkle". I was so mad!! I'm still surprised the driver even left a box looking like that at my door. I left it for hubby to see how bad the box looked. It was pathetic :sad:
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    The re-wraps at our center are done by those too stupid or lazy to do anything else. "turtle" is one of those that gets the job every once in a while.

    They really don't care. Period. They will sit there on the table and just throw things into a box and then tape it shut. Even things that were not in the box in the first place. Even other complete boxes. Totally embarrassing.

  9. had a ll bean package today.....whats up with that. did fedex lose their "bread and butter" account. I remember a few years back where all tv ads and the ll bean mags were plastered with the fedex logo. now the catalogues have no mention of fedex, and the post office has some of ll beans business. oh well another fedex account bites the dust.