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    I'm surprised there has not been much talk about the switch of Basic to Surepost. Was wondering if any grievances have been filed on this? It seems via that Diad training that they will be outsourcing more of our driver work to the post office. I'm on a nearly pure resi route and this could greatly reduce my stop density. Any thoughts?
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    Really??? I spose maybe it has not been discussed in the last week or so, but it has been discussed ad nauseum.

    Here, let me help you out.
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    Check out the TDU website for whatever its worth. This particticular issue was discussed.
    The IBT’s UPS SurePost Surrender |
    I believe there is reason to be concerned about where this progam is leading us.

    This is pure speculation on my part...funny I was just thinking about this last night as I was driving, and then you start the thread this morning...I am wondering if UPS is going to try and greatly expand the Surepost program once the next contract is signed. I hope Hoffa and hall are going to look closely at the subcontracting language and make sure driver jobs are protected. Maybe I am way off, but why would the Surepost option have to stay limited to only large shippers? Why couldn't the average person walking up to a customer counter or UPS Store doing a one time shipment to the home of some friend or relative be offered the option of Surepost?

    Very shortly AFTER our current contract was settled, UPS began to openly advertise the opportunity customers have to leave ground packages in drop boxes. During negotions I believe there was some discussion of keeping FT driver work from being given to us lower paid air drivers, but had there been a poicy in place at the time that encouraged the drop off of ground in letter boxes, I believe the role of air drivers would have been a bigger issue, and, for better or worse, the contract would have had tighter, or at least clearer, language.