Became a loader...When will I load alone??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DriverHelper84, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Hey guys, multiple time driver helper here who finally decided to try out working in a hub. Last Monday-Friday was my first official week at the UPS hub here in Lawnside, South Jersey. Every night that I loaded, I had a sup watching/helping me and showing me the ropes. The first two days went well as my sup and I got along great, we loaded together and at the end of the shift(they kept me all night my first two nights), he told me how good he thought I was. However, on Friday, that sup had to fill in on another PD and I was given a new sup, which had to be the longest 4 hours of my life. It's not that the work was too hard(as I enjoy physical work and was keeping up with the packages on the shute and constantly breaking my jams), but the tough part was the sup. For the whole shift I had to listen to nothing but orders such as "get this off the truck," "give me the load stand," "what was the point of putting that package there," "your wall is terrible," "why aren't you finishing building your shelves?" Haha, I could go on and on. I just couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she was downplaying my loading when I had ONLY been loading for 2 days before that(the other 2 days were spent in the training classroom). So to make a long story short, when can I expect to be allowed to load myself and not have to have a sup in my truck the entire shift breathing down my neck?
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    This week you'll be by yourself unless they put another loader in with you
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    Why wasn't my training like that? I would have loved having someone giving me tips and critiquing what I was doing. All my trainer did was talk on his cell phone about how some girl broke his heart over the summer. Didn't tell me anything useful.
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    yes he did...... girls are scandalous! haha
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    i hate loading, it just sucks, i have been a loader fro 9 month now...
  6. try the unload or sort isle maybe? I dunno
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    Sort aisle is the best! At least at my hub it's that way. You just have to pass a series of tests and memorize a lot of zip codes. It pays $1.00 more though which is nice.
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    That Geico job wasn't so bad after all, right?

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    The key to loving or hating loading depends on what truck you get thown into. Right now *knocks on wood repeatedly* I'm doing 2 trucks and both have extendos. Teh one truck gets probably 300 packages a night, and the other gets about 1000 or so and has an easy readable. Meh I say the key to liking loading lies within the truck. And by Truck I mean Trailer/Feeder, whatever it is they are called.
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    My Take? I bet the first supe stayed with you for the simple fact that you are a young girl that he was attracted to. After he was called off, you got someone that didn't care you were a girl and put it to you.

    If on the other hand, you're a guy............I haven't got a clue.:happy-very:
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    Maybe that still could work..........LOL