Becoming a Full-Time Driver.

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    I been working at UPS for 3 months now as a preloader, and things seem to be going great so far and really fast. The drivers I load for are very pleased with my load quality and I don't misload much I get 1 every two weeks I noticed and I get along with management but anyway one day last week when I was at my hub I was talking to the District Manager and I asked him how long does it take to become a driver at this hub and to my surprise he told me about a month. I was totally floored with that response because I heard that it took years to become a driver. He then proceeded to tell me that we have a bid sheet up right now by the office for driver positions and I should sign up if I was interested. So at the end of the sort when everything was done I signed out at the station and went to the bid sheet and saw that they were looking for full-time package car drivers so I signed the sheet not thinking they will not even consider me frfr. I was the first to do so and later on four other signed. The next day after the sort was over one of the supervisors asked me for my drivers licence and he made a copy of it and then he got back with me a day later and gave me paper work to take a DOT physical which I passed a couple of days ago. Now I have a Road Test with the same supervisor in a couple of days and my operations supervisor will let me take a drive in it before the test but my question is this is this really happening cause I just hit my 3 month mark a day ago and for me to become a full-time driver that really fast whats the catch? do i have to wait to become a FT driver based on seniority once I hopefully pass this road test and UPS driving school.
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  3. Did you sign a bid?
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    OP finds out what he actually signed was a seasonal FT driver bid sheet in 3, 2, 1.....
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    I'm surprised you missed that!
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    They will go in seniority order.
  7. Too many beers.
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    Almost a tldr.
  9. Plus I'm getting some sun glare , so I just da skimmed through it.
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    Yea i did sign the bid sheet it was for fulltime package driver it could be for seasonal but i have to look when i go to work
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    Yes. Whole middle part give blow by blow account of signing the bid
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    Yea the Bid sheet they had up at the office
  13. And what did it say? And why was it in the office?
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    It was posted by the office. It stated they were looking for fulltime packager car drivers and had a list of requirements that i had to meet and i signed.
  15. Good luck... maybe you got lucky.
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    Man thats what im hoping brother.
  17. Now you got to qualify.
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    The bid list goes by seniority, but you never really know how many drivers they decide to hire. They generally train more than they need because less than half actually make it. Seniority doesn't apply amongst trainee drivers, but kicks back in when you make book.
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    If it is for a full time, non seasonal driving position then congrats! You got super lucky lol.

    If it's only seasonal then at least you'll get more hours and more money so congrats still!
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    @AttackedHawk just go with it. Every building is different. There are buildings where it could take you 10 years to become a driver. But then there are buildings like mine where you can be driving on your 31st day. If you weren't supposed to be driving yet then you wouldn't be. Just work as instructed, take your time and try not to get overwhelmed. You've been given a good opportunity. Embrace it.