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    i have some questions about becoming a sup but i do not need advice on whether or not to become one so please keep your opinions to yourself i already read all the possible negatives about becoming a sup
    im becoming a sup for the increased tuition, resume, and the somewhat increase in pay, and do not plan on being there for years so don't please again don't leave your opinions

    1) what do you exactly do during the mapp process? i already took the test and passed now what is next?

    2) i know there is an interview of some sort, what does it consist of and any tips?

    3) how is the paid determined i know it based on a percentage of what you currently make but haven't found a solid ballpark number?

    4) i read somewhere that if you pass everything they give you an option to take the job or continue being a pt loader unload-er sorting etc.. is that true?
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    1)After you passed the test, that's it... your sup ready, upper management has to decide were to place you... that could be tomorrow or next month

    2) Interview for outside candidates, none for inside employees

    3)i don't know, and no one on this forum knows exactly either, its just more. For example my pay went from 11.00 to 15.80 an hr, after 2 years union.

    4)idk, but if they let you get to that level of taking the test, they will find a place for you eventually.. and they don't expect you to act like a union employee anymore.

    5) you are union(if applicable) until they assign you for a training class or an area.
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    To your (4) - I jumped through some of the hoops in 2004, put in a letter of recommendation, went through the MAPP process and got a "Congratulations, you scored well on the MAPP!" :grouphugg: from the DM and another boss, and never went into management. So yes, until you sign your life away, you're union.

    And P.S. I'm making $26/HR working in the hub right now, as opposed to ...well, ask btrlov..:D
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    lol 18 now, but that after 4 years, from 8.50 to 18, is not that bad....but 26 is better. To be Honest UPS treats it FT hourlies well,far better than FT sup, or pt sup, they have a very strong union too....depends on u
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    If you want a pension, free healthcare, more days off and more pay per hour stay union. If you want something good on your resume go Management.
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    thanks btrlov for the useful answers
    i have another question for anyone

    do you talk about how much you make during sup training or do you talk before any type of training is involved?
  7. DS

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    Just tell them from the start that anything less than $100,000 a year is unacceptable.
    Tell them you can save them millions a year with your management skills.
    Have pie charts on your laptop to show them.
    Or do this instead...