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    First FDX has an alliance with the USPS for a multi-billion dollar deal and are in talks with Deutsch-Post to be their US delivery arm. Now its reported that FDX has teamed up with Canada Post to use FDX's network (intl and dom) for International Priority shipments. My question is what is UPS doing to creatively bring in new business? You never hear or read about anything like this from us ...only from our competitors.
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    Get back to work, you!:cigarsmoker:
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    UPS is historically, a day late and a dollar short. We are followers not leaders. There would be no Fedex if UPS had had any imagination back in the 70's.
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    One reason we do not (and cannot) pursue many of the avenues that FedEx does is because we are hampered by anti-trust regulation. Yes, it sucks, but that's the way it is. I do agree that we should have offered express service the day FedEx set up shop and squashed them then, but that's life.
    Since then we have been offering service enhancements BEFORE they have. Examples include Early AM, Saver, 3 Day Select and guaranteed ground. And we are just as, if not better on the technology end.
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    The competition leads and UPS follows, but usually a level up.
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    Maybe because our network is maxed out, while those others still have room to grow with.
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    FDX hasn't been with the USPS for almost 2 years now, we are shipping the mail. Anybody who work's at any air hub see's it everyday. It look's like a mail sorting facility inside UPS cartage. They even have 2 postal employees watching everything just so all goes well.....
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    I thought we had UPS Mail Innovations? Also, I do know our drivers deliver parcels to the USPS.

  9. We delivered all those Harry Potter books to the Post Office last summer
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    If you are looking for creative new ventures for UPS then skim their web page and see what we are in. Its really a very creative portfolio. Especially under the SCS arena.

    If you want us to buy out DHL then I think you're expecting the wrong thing. UPS buying out DHL would be tantamount to taking the role of corporate raider. We would be buying a company that has outdated facilitys and equipment and duplicates many of the lanes we currently own.

    We would have to buy them and then gut them. Close many buildings and lay off thousands of employees currently working for them. There would be a huge financial penalty for doing so. DHL is currently losing a billion a year stateside.

    I'm not sure the gains would outwiegh the loses.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Oh I'm not too sure of that reasoning. Companies get bought out everyday it seems like. When you have duplicate job assignments and excess property you pare it down to want will fit the companies needs as a whole. The future of this company lies overseas. If an outfit like DHL is considering a sale UPS should take a serious look at the benefits of an acquisition.

    Also, since DHL wants to 86 their domestics operations, this would be more as an International venture making it possible to skirt anti-trust laws. I don't know I guess I (like many others) like to see UPS slam dunk the competition.
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    Then please explain the FedEx drop boxes in front of the Post Offices.
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    UPS will never buy DHL, because most of their employees ( at least around here ) are former UPS employees including many from mgt.
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    You buy a competitor that helps you grow. Or you buy a company that diversifies your service offerings. In this case we would buy a company that is leeking a billion dollars a year and then have to dispose of many of its assets with very little gain. Fdx who is still growing and expanding may benifit more from the assets and customer base then we would. Even then I would be surprised if they would take on all that liability unless the parent company sweetened the offer.
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    Fdx has theirs and we have ours. Before fdx and ups there were many other airlines that carried air mail space available.
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    Wrong, FEDEX still has strong ties with USPS, In fact I was surprised when I saw a FedEx Logo
    on the sign-age inside the Post Office the other day, under one of the services, I think International Priority.. or something like that.
    We don't sort, we just carry.