Benefit Package dollar value?

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    I have been trying to figure things out and have been asking around but I have yet to find anyone with an answer so lets toss the question out here.

    We all know what we get paid but what does it cost UPS per hour for each full time driver for the first 8 hours? What I am asking is; what does the benefit package cost? Pay to the driver is $__ and change but what does UPS pay to the IBT for our pension and Insurance per hour? Is UPS paying us $__ and then an additional $5, or $10 or even $20 per hour to the IBT?

    fyi, I am in the Central States.
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    Ben ben depending what supplement you if both under a teamster plan it could be as much as mine is as of right now it is 17.46 per hour max 40hrs per week with an extra 1.50 per hour over the next 5 years by 2018 it will be 24.96 or 51916.80 just benefits right now it is 36316.80 now keep in mind this is based on max 2080 hours per year ibt only gets a cut of our dues money not h&w hope this helps add all this to a 94000 salary for full timer not to bad if you think so copy this and it to all of you customers and neighbors trust me they will laugh in your face take care
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    If you are presently under the company healthcare plan, a definite dollar amount cannot be achieved.
    This is because under this plan, the company is required to provide a defined benefit.
    As a self insured company, it could and should vary somewhat year to year.
    So it is all hinged on the cost of healthcare, which has been steadily increasing annually.
    This is why I believe we should all be pushing to be in the company plan vs the union plan, where the company carries the burden of providing a defined benefit instead of enjoying a defined contribution to the union despite increasing costs.
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    Guess you think we make to much money. With my work conditions and the harassment from management, and the intimidation tactics they use. Then you add the 11 hour work days sometimes 12. I think I am under paid. I propose if the company does not want to pay the health care, then just add the benefits they are currently paying to my pay and I will get my own.
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    Was in contract talks over the weekend and co-chair made the same statement almost word for word as the labor manager during the talks. The company seems very confident that if we walk the public will side with them, mainly because of those numbers they continue to spout. Our negotiating team needs to put something out soon to inform the public that while a teamster driver does in fact make that kind of money, the sacrifice we endure to get it. How about some real company wide numbers and facts about how long it takes to get to that wage. This contract isn't about the money a driver makes, it's about hours worked,benefits cut and the years of working for peanuts as a part timer that we endure to get to that. Start saving guys, it's gonna get ugly.
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    In the West it's currently $9.60-$9.83 going to pension. You can see what your individual health care cost was on one of the Box 12's of your W-2./
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    Dont knock the union plan please mine has always been a union plan just because the central states teamcare sucks they dont suck we get 3 pairs of eye glasses every 2 years hearing screening dental at 1 of 3 medical buildings teamsters own other than root canal on 6 front teeth we use delta dental we pay one third delta pays the rest 1500 per year max per family member free flu shots and shingle shots plus many health fairs during the year free to all . Keep one thing in mind we are dealing with a company who charges there own management and will not pay for their spouce under obama care I have read some mgrs are paying 10000 per year how to stick it to your partners thank you scott davis the last thing i want is going into a 2nd class ups hmo
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    The west has one of the best pension plans in the country..
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    ​Do you know of any better ones?
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    About 18 an hour Einstein.
  11. Coldworld

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    nope not for 80 and out...and being fully funded and letting your part time years count fully towards your 80...
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    No offense, but seeing as how you are wrong more times than you are right I'll take a pass on your provided info.
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    I found a youtube video of Mr. hall in-which he says he gives a dollar value for what a driver will be making at the end of this contract. Taking our current rate, then adding in the raises and subtracting that amount from his number gives me $12.53 an hour as the cost of our benefits. This is the best source I have found thus far.
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    The second post by co-chair was spot on.
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    Couple of things. One, key words "full timer". Two, our base "salary" is more like 67,304.00. To tell people that we make 94,000 salary is not painting the whole picture.

    To achieve the 94k you speak of, one would have to work close to 11 hours a week in overtime, not including vacations. So at minimum one would have to work 27% more then the average joe working a 40 hour week. 27% more. And that is not including our down time for lunch that adds another hour to our day. My professional friends work 40 hours and that is including their lunch!! For me to get to 94k I would have to clock in at 8am and clock out at 7pm. My friends get to work at 9 and leave at 5. That means I am tied to my job 37% more time then my friends who work 9-5.

    So you take my 94k and knock 37% off of that for the time I am tied to my job and that comes to 59k. 59k is what my hourly wage comes to if I could work the typical 9-5 hours. Yes, a little high, but not crazy high.

    Ask your friends and neighbor if they want to do what we do to get 94k a year. Working part time at ungodly hours for years on end. The working conditions. Then working in a truck during the summer that tops out at 130 degrees. Snow, rain. Boxes that weigh more then the average female. I can tell you, most of my friends and family say "you can't pay me enough to do what you did and do at UPS" to achieve the income I receive.
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    Well, its your guys fault for telling people you guys make $80.000 a year.
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    91k last year. Having the extra 30k was worth every second.
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    Good point. Never the less, I don't know anyone who wants my job regardless of my income.
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    I agree 80% of the time. Honestly I think it not only varies with each driver but varies where that driver is in life. Just married before kids-LOVE it! Kids are very young-is ok. Kids are in school and sports/plays/recitals RARELY get seen it is hard...REALLY HARD! Kids are in college, gotta have it! When the kids are gone and we are staring down the barrel of retirement its 50/50...trying to balance retirement savings with the tired/worn-out body. This last phase is 100% dependent on how well the particular driver has planned ahead.

    co-chair, IMO, was not accurate. My friends and neighbors know I am at work before them and get home well after they do. 3/4 of them have told me to my face that they wouldn't want my job. The other 1/4 just say, "wow" and leave it at that.

    I started this thread to try and fully understand the contract offer. So few, in-fact NOBODY, knew the answer to my question. One union representative in this thread didn't even know or he flat out lied, I haven't made up my mind yet as to which. It took no small amount of digging on my part to figure it out. And even then the accuracy of my information is dependent on the truthfulness in the Youtube video.