Benefits Questions

How long do you have to be employed (partimer) to get the company's health insurance?

Does UPS pay for chiropractor visits? Do many of you see a chiropractor just for body upkeep purposes?


From the promised LAND
They will pay for chiropractors. There is a limit as to how many time you can go, unless there is a diagnosed problem.

I see one when my back gets knotted up, or when I start with migraines. Prevention and proper lifting helps keep the back in good shape. Teamsters pay for I think 12 visits or so a year, unless you have a problem that is diagnosed.



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Medical kicks on the first of the month after you reach senority. They should send you a card and if you have to add anyone you need to call the benefits people and they will send you a form. Either way you will get the info in the mail when the time comes. So if you started in Dec you'd have reached your senority date in Jan and been able to have medical on Feb first. The other benefits kick in at 6 months (vision and dental). Good luck!