Retire before age 55 to be eligible for insurance

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Just a word of advice
When you turn 65 don’t think Medicare is anything like Teamcare
I’ve had to request pre determinations on medicine I’ve taken for years they will fight and deny any medicine they think they can get away with
Terrible experience
Medicare sucks and the provider (AETNA) outsources decisions to a 3rd party that is charged with reducing costs.
Read between the lines, deny everything!!!


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No annual or lifetime limits with my insurance. Just went on Medicare May 1st. Whatever they don't cover is picked up by my Teamsters insurance. Should have no more out of pocket costs.
Will test it all out with a colonoscopy on Thursday.:sweating:


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Went from 100K yearly limit to 250K this last contract. I sure could have used that 150K several different years before I turned 65.


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If you are under Teamcare, don't forget the retiree coverage will only pay up to $350,000 per year/per person. If you or your spouse ends up with cancer, this will not go far.
Does anyone know if you can purchase a separate supplement to get a higher yearly maximum. If not its really not insurance.