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    Some of the posts on this site is getting out of control. To me it seems like managers and supervisors looking for answers for future problems the people with 14 years 8 years ect ect can not be that clueless. its just a opinion. what do you think? thanks for your time.
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    LOL I agree, I come here to read about UPS and instead I see NASCAR and BASEBALL and FOOTBALL (maybe not all of those, but definately NASCAR) boring!!!!! LOL:surprise:
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    Managers looking for future problems? Doubt it....

    Probably just seeing how to stuff another 15 stops to your route!

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    Sorry, I am having a problem understanding your post.
    I agree, some of the posts have been getting difficult to control.
    This is the sentence I do not understand in your post;
    "To me it seems like managers and supervisors looking for answers for future problems the people with 14 years 8 years ect ect can not be that clueless. its just a opinion."
    I am not critising (sp) your opinion.
    I just can not deconstruct your sentence to be able to respond.
    I am sure it is my fault, for not understanding, but, what are you trying to say?
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    TO sat driver,
    The thread I posted came out wrong. I posted it to fast. It was my mistake, please disregard.
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    They might as they don't seem to be able to solve the present problems. Maybe they get easier as they multiply!:wink2:
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    what we have here is a failure to communicate:surprised:
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    Actually, I think I understand his posts. It might be that I have had several adult beverages that have somehow found their way into my system?

    I think what he was trying to say is that maybe management is trying to pick our collective brains to use that against hourly in the future. As we discuss certain things here that might be of interest to them, and they would naturally be interested in the stratagy that we would propose on this site.

    I would hope that they use the Brown Cafe as a learning tool to learn how to better comunicate with the hourly's in their charge. A few months worth of posting here would be much better than "people school" that UPS loved to promote.

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    The mirco management over the years is somewhat unbearable and insulting to UPS managemet. However, it is what is it is.

    Unfortunately, in the lawsuit environment of today, it is difficult to run a business as it should be run. Take a look at the issues that have faced FedEx over the last couple of years.

    Age discrimination, racial discrimnation for promotions and contractor issues. I am sure our Corporate Legal department is all over these lawsuits, and provides guidance to UPs management.

    So are UPS management on this site to learn, I would like to think if they spend time on this site, they have something to learn from all the posters here.
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    I think this media form is great for all to have their say. It does not bother me that management my be reading the post...thats great as they can see the environment that they work in and help create. There is a lot of great info and ideas here in the BC. We can all have a better understanding of the intricate interactions of all those who make up UPS.
  11. people school seems to be get your people to blindly believe in every method to the T (no don't need to, really!, stop or be yelled at. Before anyone takes issue with that, I believe in the safety methods wholeheartedly, but if anyone honestly that the loading/sorting/unloading methods are infallible then we've got serious issues here. Excuse the pun, but the inability of this company to think outside the box is a severely impacting our employees job satisfaction.

    Short example, in our center the package cars are so close together, you can't meet at the head of your work area (3 ft before the first truck) because you'll be behind someone else's cars now. Our boxline is also on fast now all the time. Makes it increasingly difficult to sort/pull as many packages (5-7 packages is the MAR now apparently, used to be 3-5) out of the cage as we used to each pass. We also have less colors now since it was repainted for PAS, so even without the speed increase, the cages move faster. I could go on, but you get my point. Basically we're set up to fail....but we don't, we make it everyday and what do we get? Go faster tomorrow.

    The only answer I ever hear lately when an hourly asks a question is "if you followed the methods, you would have no problem." Fine message to be sending them when I know most of "them" don't have a chance of wrapping any of the heavy pickoffs without help. Basically saying "we don't care, you were trained and are doing just it wrong, not our problem." Some cases that is true, but in the majority it is not.

    I guess the biggest problem I have is that someone miles away who has never worked in our building is telling us how fast we should go and when we should be done. Nevermind the fact that we have late loads nearly everyday (I'm looking at you hartford night sort) and late air for a while as well. Those loads severely limit two lines ability to wrap on time, but according them it doesn't make much of a difference...try loading on the line you might change your tune, I did it for 3 years, which is 3 more than "you" have.