Beyond a Buzzword: Fleets Lead with Sustainability


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Beyond a Buzzword: Fleets Lead with Sustainability - Truckinginfo

Environmental Responsibility

For many fleets, executives feel a responsibility to put sustainability at the core of their trucking operations, just like they have with safety.

Take one of HDT’s 2021 Top Green Fleets, UPS, for example. With a global footprint and customers expecting their packages in more than 220 countries and territories, UPS has acknowledged its role in climate change, and recognized how climate change, air quality and other socioeconomic challenges intersect.

So, UPS has placed a focused on the creation of more environmentally sustainable solutions to work toward carbon neutrality by 2050 through introducing innovative delivery methods for crowded cities, and investing in next-generation vehicles and route optimization technologies.

“Logistics is a carbon-intensive industry, and our focus is on making credible, purposeful changes to adapt and to achieve our goals at every point along the chain,” Lauren Spangler, UPS’ global sustainability communications lead, said in an email. “That’s why we take a holistic approach to sustainability and are investing in the cutting-edge solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.”’