Bid Driver vs. Cover Driver

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    Ok, here is the scenario. I am on a Satellite Bid route that I have been on for 3 years now. I have a partner on another Satellite Bid route that is out for shoulder surgery, so right now a cover driver is running his route. The cover driver has 2 weeks seniority on me. My center has been cutting my route on Monday and Friday. I am running another route at least one out of those two days. The other day, I stay home for a day off. Here is my question. If I am a bid driver and they cut my route, can they make me run that route and can the cover driver that is covering that route say that he is taking the day off and they force me onto that other route?
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    What does your supplement say? In the Atlantic Area if your route is eliminated you have the right to bump any junior driver in your center. Here they could not force you into cover just to give a cover driver the day off, even if he is senior to you. As long as they have enough cover drivers to run the open routes, it should be your option to work or go home. He bid cover, and cover is what he does.