Bid Drivers treated as Swing Drivers


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Section 9—Route Changes

(a) Temporary:

"Other than the period of November 15th through January 15th if a bid area is changed fifty percent (50%) or more, the employee shall have the right to follow the portion in excess of fifty percent (50%) of the delivery stops. If the temporary change involves more than a two-way split, the driver shall select by seniority."

This sounds good but generally the company does as it chooses. I hope this Sean guy is serious. Believe it when I see it...


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You’re not listening. 30 stops of yours does not sound like more than 50% of your bid area. So no, you cannot
If he kept all of his normal stops and had 51% of my bid area there is a 0% percent chance I would bump a 35 year driver off of his route. He still has 100% of his bid work.