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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upbsdaddy, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. upbsdaddy

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    Somebody please help me, what are the rules as far as routes going up for bid? In our center there are currently several routes open from drivers quitting, getting fired, or going to management. The center manager, however, drags his feet as long as he can to bid them. I have been a swing driver for nearly five years now and would like my own route.
  2. fredly00

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    Just ask "what day are the bid sheets going up"
  3. speeddemon

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    I think they have two weeks to put it up for bid after it comes open.
  4. xracer

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    It varies depending on where you are located. In our center all routes in the bldg are put up for rebid once every two years. If a run is vacated for any reason(termination, retirement, going into supervison) they have thirty days to post that run up for bid and it goes by seniority to each person who has less seniority than the person who vacated that position. If you have more seniority than the person who vacated that position than you were already afforded the opportunity to bid that route when the whole center rebid at the two year interval.
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    It certainly varies by where you live because this is controlled by your supplementals.

    In my area management has to post vacancies within 10 days and keep them posted for five business days.

    They then have to fill them within ten days of the bid completion.
  6. over9five

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    Here they don't have to post them at all. They can put whoever they want on it till the yearly bid.
  7. toonertoo

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    They will call them training routes until hell freezes over if they know a driver with lots of area knowledge is going to bid on it.
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    One of the folks getting PAS ready (September) told me our routes will change so much a total rebid will probably be necessary.
  9. 30andout

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    Sup told me here very little route change will take place with pas. Vacant routes should be bid within 30 days and there is no yearly or bi yearly center bid.
  10. upbsdaddy

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    The message by toonertoo about calling routes training routes seems to be what they are doing in our building. I am a swing driver who has done over 50 routes, and any route that I might get or seem interested in mysteriously does not get posted. I have always liked jumping around but its getting old. I was hoping there was some specific contract language about this.
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    I'm a swing driver. (big surprise) Anyway, getting a route feels like it's impossible. There are atleast 5 drivers with less seniority than me that have their own route. They call them unassigned routes. whatever?
  12. over9five

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    "...with less seniority than me that have their own route."

    Obviously, you must be a troublemaker. Their little favorites got the routes before you.
  13. proups

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    Is it an open route if the driver got fired and is waiting to go to the panel?
  14. xracer

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    over9five, this may not be a troublemaking employee but one who would be what is considered a runner in our bldg and can be well under scratch on several routes and this person would be indispensible to management as a cover driver which would be sufficient reason for the supes to want to keep this person in the cover driver category. Sorta the goto guy that they need to help with their numbers which is what all management has to answer to.
  15. over9five

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    Xracer, Agree with that 100%
  16. susiedriver

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    Glad to see that's working for you. See you in 20 years.
  17. ok2bclever

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    proups, naw, both sides know the firings are flimsy so often it cannot be counted as official until after a state panel.

    The routes affected by most firings are treated just like any other temporarily vacant route reasons, vacation, disability, workman's compensation, etc, and open for utility driver choice.

    In my area, per the Central Supplement in the contract there are a specific amount of designated training routes that is determined by the amount of Package Car Drivers and these routes have to be posted..

    These training routes have to be bid just like any other route.

    The difference is the bid driver's for these designated training routes must work as assigned while their areas are being used for training purposes.

    The training routes are to be used on a rotating basis.
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    Susie, Not 100% sure what you think is working for me but in 20yrs I will be long since retired as I have just over 11yrs until retirement and I do not see any work related health problems being an issue as I work at my own pace and let the numbers fall as they may and sleep very well at night.
  19. swingdriver

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    sorry over9five, but i'm not a trouble maker. although u're name sounds like u are. and no i'm not a "runner" either. the new guys that come up seem to stay on their routes. when i came up i ran a route for maybe two months. one morning i came to work and they told me i was now a swingdriver. i've been swinging ever since. they justify this by calling their routes unassigned. meaning if i were to bid on that route i would still be a swingdriver since the route is unassigned. understand?
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    I understood the first time. I was being my usual sarcastic self.