Bid sheet came down, I didn't know about it

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upser4ever, Feb 16, 2016.

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    There was a bid for a training route up that I guess they put up Friday but I didn't see it. I was off yesterday and today for family reasons, another driver called me today around 4 to discuss his route that I will be covering the rest of the week and mentioned the route was up for bid. I immediately texted my supervisor and asked if he could put my name on the bid. He told me the bid already came down and someone with less seniority than me got it. I know it's my fault for not seeing the bid sheet on Friday but just wondering if since I contacted him the day it was suppose to come down before he left work if that gives me any chance of getting the route. Especially since I wasn't at work the last two days. I'm going to talk to my center manager and union Stewart tomorrow but would like to hear opinions. I know I should have signed Friday but I didn't see the bid sheet.
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    Bid sheet has to be up for 7 days. If they put it up Friday, then they cant take it down until this Friday.
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    Bids have to stay up for 7 days
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    You snooze you lose.
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    The supervisor is under no obligation to sign the list for you. Turn off your computer, drive to the center and sign the paper.
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    Better luck next time?
  8. Number24

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    Don't hit the snooze button on your alarm!
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    I tell these young guys to sign every nid sheet. Then they cry when they get passed up.
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    Only 3 days here, and they put it so it spans 2 different weeks, so those on vacation one week has a chance to bid on the other week.

    Sorry, but the OP is out of luck, those bids are time stamped, and don't need to be up to the end of day, just to the end of the 72 hours of workdays.
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    Want to have dinner and talk about our feelings?
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    I don't think we are even allowed to do that.
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  14. Rack em

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    Oh damn.... I guess he missed his opportunity then. Better luck next time OP

    Next time be in a region where the bid sheet stays up for a full week :D
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    Why did you turn to the dark side?
    We're you picked on as a child ?
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    Why do you troll on a website? No friends to talk to?
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    Sorry man, I thought I'd switch it up!
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    3 working days here.
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    Seen it happen plenty. Like telling a sup to put your name down for an 8 hour.

    I would call my steward to put my name on the bid though.