Bid while on disability?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by disneyworld, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. disneyworld

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    Does anyone know if you are still allowed to bid while out on disability?
  2. raceanoncr

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    Absolutely! Just make sure you either call or show up in the allotted time

    I did that once. Had Cervical Fushion (disc taken outta my neck and vertebrae fused with piece o bone outta my hip). Was off for 3 months. Bid time (feeders) was smack in the middle. THEY (believe it or not) called me up to ask what I wanted to bid on.

    Good luck
  3. Add It Up

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    Depending on the kind of a bid, you can bid while on Disability, but in some supplements, I believe you have to be off of Disability when the bid is awarded. For example, if it's a PT to FT bid, then you would have to be off of Disability and available to start the new FT position when the bid is awarded to actually be the bid winner.
  4. over9five

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    Even if you don't bid while on disability, you can bump when you return. Is that correct?
  5. canon

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    I was bumped from a bid by someone who was off for disability. Management didn't call the person while the bid was up to see if he wanted it, so he was able to bump when he returned to duty.
  6. rocket88

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    What about vacations? Does anyone know about vacation selection when you are off on a on the job disability? Is it mgt.'s responsibility to contact me and tell me it's my turn to pick?
    As far as bidding goes,in our building(North Ohio) if a bid goes up while you are out and nobody from mgt. contacts you to ask if you'd like to bid it and it gets awarded to a less senior driver than you, when you return you can "bump" him and take it. Provided of course that mgt. failed to contact you to make you aware of the bid in the first place. makes for some hard feelings and some chaos especially when there is a domino effect rippling through 4 different centers because guys bid and then moved centers to a new bid,ect.ect.
    However fair is fair and the disabled employee has rights too. He should be made aware of the bid. If he was and didn't act on it, well then he is out. No recourse.
  7. canon

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    I would think vacations are different... you know vacations are due... soon. Put in for them over the phone if it were me.

    As for the hard feelings about being bumped, the only hard feelings I had were that management didn't do what they were supposed to. Several bumbs had to be undone in the center... all that time training all those drivers wasted. I had already "informed" all the customers I was there new driver, explained why the old guy left etc. There were no hard feelings from me to the new driver, it's his right. I even turned over my maps to him and gave him my cell # in case he needed help with directions etc.
  8. over9five

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    I think people on disability should not be allowed to bid. Who knows when they'll be back? Let's face it, some never come back. Might as well let someone who wants the route do it. Otherwise management can put whomever they want on it to cover.

    If/when the disabled guy comes back, he can bump where he wants.
  9. mrbill

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    I just bid on comp. They should at least call you.The same goes for vacations.After 19 years I can no longer stay in package due to health problems. Just because you are hurt you still have put your time in