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    How long before a job needs to be filled is the bid sheet usually posted.All answers would be great maybe then I can come up with an average.The school is supposed to be in August if this helps.
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    They post jobs when ever they want. They usually hold out on posting open jobs as long as they can especially these days. I would think you talking about driving school. Don't worry they have driving school all the time when they have them is determined by need for drivers if there is no need for drivers they don't have a school. In my local there are 3 or more driving position that cover driver are filling untill they decide to post the position which appears won't be untill next bid after the 1st of the year.

    They usually use the excuse that they are doing away with the position to delay in posting it.
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    Routes should be bid within a specific time frame depending on your local supplement. Ask your steward or business agent or check your contract. If not bid within the required time frame, grieve it.
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    Ours are up for bid for 1 week and then the driver that gets the bid has 1 week to decide to keep the bid (or not).
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    2 weeks here.