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    I hesitate to bring this up because the behavior is so bizarre you won't believe it, but I swear it happened. This week I had a supervisor give me a compliment concerning a couple of areas of my job performance. Shocking, right? Now here's the good part. After he spoke the compliment, he handed me a piece of paper with that same compliment handwritten and asked me to sign below the writing. A compliment receipt? Next time bring a witness or videotape it. What a circus!

    Tieguy, you think you have an answer for everything; please illuminate this behavior.
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    Back in the old days when we (management) used a paper form (Pittsburg Form), both complaints and COMPLIMENTS were recorded on it by hand. Employees were shown the documentation and ask to initial it. True, all too often, complaints outnumbered the compliments. But COMPLIMENTS were recorded also (at least in my area of responsibility).

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    You are correct. It is so bizarre, I dont believe it.
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    Has Hell frozen over? The Evil Empire passing out compliments???? In 9 months will it be purged from your file?
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    A momentary act of weakness I'm sure...[​IMG] The form is probably a JRD form. Not widely used anymore. I would think he has a boss that is actually mandating that sups have job specific discussions of this type with thier people. Look at the Manager or Divison Manager as the instigator of this strange behavior.
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    Or perhaps a...(*gulp*)... T-L-A. Now THERE is a golden oldie!
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    Steamheat we had something like that in our center. A few years ago managment at our center started documenting everything. When the rank and file found out that every time we burped we got an entry. Alot of us wanted to see what had been written. A strange pattern was found in those files. Anyone who was considered a "good" only had bad entries. Anyone who was as they say "a problem child " had bad and good entries. It was as one metro errantly said "to show that they were fair to the employee". More like when time came to goto the board they could paint a pretty picture of how they treated that employee. I hope that your case is that it's just something new. I saved an old lady's life on company time. Do you think that would had been put in my file... nope.
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    "I saved an old lady's life on company time"

    It was entered into your file....... as stealing time!