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    The UPS Top Fuel dragster of Bob Vandergriff qualified #11 for the second week in a row. At the NHRA O'Reilly Fall Nationals, presented by Castrol Syntec, Bob ran a 4.58 ET at 328 MPH. He will face # 6 qualifier, Joe Hartley, who's having a pretty good year, having qualified #1 earlier in the year and running some impressive numbers.

    Vandergriff fell in the Countdown to the Championship points run, from 5 to 6 after his first round loss last week. He needs to go rounds to gain enough points to secure a spot in the last 4 today or at Richmond in a couple weeks, the last race to do so.
  2. raceanoncr

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    Bob blasts past Hartley in the first round with his best pass of the weekend, a 4.57, helping him to rack up points.
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    Force and Bernstein collided and Force has 2 broken legs and a broken arm
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    It's a shame about Robert Hight's DNQ. Jimmy's having a hard time with that program lately.
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    John Force and Kenny Bernstein collided on track..Force has 2 broken legs and a broken arm..hope he recovers fast:sad:
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    The UPS dragster of Vandergriff runner-upped again in Dallas. Bob is yet to collect his first Wally under UPS sponsorship.

    Good news is that he moved up to #5 again in total points, only 21 out of the top 4 which is required to move on after the next race in Richmond, VA. Mathematically, Bob has a chance to move further up. If Dixon, Fuller and Bernstein falter and he moves to the runner-up or even wins the event, he could be locked in.

    On GMA today (Mon), they showed the crash between Force and Kenny. "A drag racer was injured during this race..." and proceded to show it. "The other racer was not injured". No mention of either names...only a couple of the biggest names in the sport IS ALL!!! Geez!
    On a side note, Force's prognosis is good, some broken bones but it looks like his season could be over. Too bad.
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    Yea I saw the piece on GMA also funny thing is ABC own's ESPN so you think they would have mention there name's. I don't think ESPN really care's to much about the NHRA. Check out ESPN'S, NHRA web site it's a friggin joke!!! And that Paul Page is the "WORST" I can't believe they let Marty Reid go!!! It might be time to put Zippy into the Castrol Syntech car for the last 3 event's.....
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    Bob Vandergriff is supposed to be in the Baltimore hub sometime in October, with his car. Dragracer, your should see about stopping down. Supposed to be a meet and great for all the mechanics in the Atlantic district, because of that Eliminator competition we had this summer for the region. They sent us an e-mail about it. Sounds like all the mechanics and drivers are all welcome to show up.. Don't know why you wouldn't be able to join in, too. Supposed to be giving out gifts, food and stuff.

    Think I'm gonna try to get down there, if i'm not too flooded with work. I'll even buy ya some free food. :laugh::laugh:
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    Sound's good, Let me know the day I'm only 2.25 from baltimore!!!
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    I'll let ya know, once they give us the exact date.
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    It's nice to hear of a UPS driver that DOES qualify!