Bob's chances knocked down


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The UPS Top Fuel dragster of Bob Vandergriff was eliminated from the Countdown to the Championship this morning when Brandon Bernstein got the better light and run in the first round.

Bob was qualified in the #15 position, in Richmond, VA, which meant he had to face #2 Brandon. The matchup was critical for both drivers in that there was only one point separating them from securing the last spot in the top four. If Bob could take out Bernstein, he could move up but then 3 other drivers could have taken their shot also. If Bernstein could take out Bob, that would secure Bernstein as the fourth member of the top four.

That's exactly what happened. Bob shook the tires, lifted the front a little bit and then smoke the tires as Bernstein drove by for the win.

The UPS dragster still can go on the rest of the year and possibly win races but his chance for a shot at a #1 finish for the year is now gone. Good effort!